Ravens v Buccaneers Goal, Takeaway: Baltimore slipped to Tom Brady for the first time in three games since 2002

Thursday night was the winner of the Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Recording a 27-22 win at Tampa Bay, the Ravens moved 5-3 looking a lot like AFC North’s top team. Conversely, the Buccaneers, who are currently 3-5 after three straight losses, looked like a team with no chance of playing until January. Tampa Bay started off hot before the final third quarter of the game was over. Baltimore’s hasty pass made Tom Brady’s life miserable in the first half, beating Ben Roethlisberger as the most fired quarterback in NFL history in the first half. It was a much better night for the visiting quarterback as Lamar Jackson threw two touchdown passes while accumulating nearly 300 all-purpose yards. Jackson was helped by a running game that rolled 233 yards and ate up nearly 38 minutes of game time. Lagging at halftime, the Ravens took the lead on a touchdown pass in the third quarter from Jackson to Kenya Drake and then to Isaiah Rickley. Baltimore took a double-digit lead on Devin Duvernay’s 15-yard touchdown run with 6:35 seconds, less than six minutes after the Buccaneers scored their first half-time goal from a Ryan Succop field goal. Brady held hope for a while with a late touchdown pass to Julio Jones. However, the Ravens scooped out the following onside kick to secure the victory, recording Brady’s 302 game streak without a three-game losing streak. The Buccaneers went into halftime with a 10-3 lead after making two red zone stands in the first 30 minutes of the game. Tampa Bay also got a decent first half from Brady who finished 44 yards to Chris Godwin who set Leonard Fournette’s opening touchdown in the middle of the first quarter. Both teams suffered serious injuries on Thursday night. Ravens lost receivers Rashod Bateman (foot) and Mark Andrews (shoulder) in the first three quarters of the game and running back Gus Edwards (hamstrings) in the fourth quarter. Bucs lost linebacker Shaquil Barrett in the second half. Barrett was reported to NFL Media with a torn Achilles tendon injury. Take a closer look at what happened in Tampa. Why Baltimore dominated the ground as the Ravens controlled the ball for more than two-thirds of the game. Baltimore, led by Edwards and Drake, overcame Red Zone’s error in the first half and dominated the field. The Ravens also received great contributions from Likely and Demarcus Robinson, who combined to catch 12 of 15 targets at 141 yards. Defensively, the Ravens intercepted offenses from Brady and the Buccaneers for most of the final three quarters of the game. Justin Houston took a sip of the Fountain of Youth and recorded two sacks and two tackles. Houston and the rest of his team stopped running games in Tampa Bay and Brady only allowed 26 of 44 passes. The reason the Buccaneers lost in Tampa Bay’s attack was completely dry after the first quarter. This unit punts five consecutive punts with little or no rest on defense. His running game didn’t help him, but Brady also failed to complete a few third-down passes that could keep the chain moving. Penalties such as Fournette’s bad start, which knocked the Buccaneers down by 11 with 4:57 left, and a fourth goal from the 3-yard line also plagued the Buccaneers’ offense. The offense didn’t help, but the Buccaneers’ defense failed to make a momentum change play in the second half. Also, as the Ravens roam through the defenses of Tampa Bay, the unit was unable to contain Baltimore from the outside. A bright spot for the Buccaneers was the connection between Brady and Mike Evans. Evans caught 6 of 11 targets over 123 yards, including a 51-yard catch in the second half. Turning Point Baltimore dominated the third quarter, beating Tampa Bay 14-0 and controlling the ball for nearly 13 minutes. Ravens’ attack started the first half with nine plays, a 77-yard drive, and ended with Jackson’s game-tying touchdown pass to Drake. The Ravens defense forced a quick Tampa Bay punt before Baltimore’s attack started an 11-play, 80-yard drive, and Jackson made a nice touchdown pass to Likely with five seconds left in the third quarter. Gameplay With Andrews and Bateman out, Likely went a step further and made an important touchdown catch, giving the Ravens a great opportunity. The rookie tight end caught six passes over 77 yards on Thursday night after making just 10 catches in the first seven games of the season. Quotable Jackson got some of his fans to talk for him after winning. The former league MVP enjoyed signals hinting at his current contract situation as Jackson is playing as a five-year rookie option after failing to agree a long-term contract with the Ravens last offseason. Upcoming Schedule The Buccaneers will host the Rams in January’s thrilling rematch of the Division Round showdown. Like the Buccaneers, the Rams are off to a slow start this season. The defending champion took a comeback victory with 3 wins and 3 losses. Baltimore will head to Baton Rouge on November 7th to face the Saints in “Monday Night Football”. So far, with New Orleans only 2-5, aggressive injuries have plagued the Saints.
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