Putin still incites a nuclear threat, the battle for Kherson is becoming clearer, and Mercedes leaves Russia. Things to remember from the news of the conflict in Ukraine on October 26

War Documents Between Ukraine and Russia Things to remember from the news of the Ukraine war on October 26. Vladimir Putin oversees nuclear deterrence training. The head of the Kremlin attended the Russian military’s strategic deterrence training in the control room this Wednesday, the units responsible for responding to threats, particularly in the event of a nuclear war. If this type of exercise were carried out regularly, the Russian offensive on Ukraine would culminate when Moscow reiterated its claims against India and China that Ukraine had prepared “dirty bombs”. The Kremlin said, “The strategic deterrence forces of land, sea and air have conducted training and conducted actual ballistic and cruise missile launches.” From the right bank to the left bank of the Dnipro River, Vladimir Saldo, head of the Russian Occupation Administration, said: this area. The authorities ordered the evacuation of civilians from the spot in the face of the Ukrainian advance on 19 October. Since early September, Ukrainian forces have actually been advancing gradually in the area annexed to Moscow at the end of the same month, but not fully under Russian control. Kiev announced that Russia had returned the bodies of US volunteers. Ukraine’s president announced Wednesday that Russian troops had recovered the body of an American volunteer who died in Ukraine during a new prisoner exchange with Moscow. “The body of Joshua Alan Jones, a U.S. volunteer who fought for Ukraine and died in the fight against the occupying forces, has been delivered,” the cabinet chief of the Office of the President of Ukraine said on Telegram. Andrii Iermak. According to US media reports, his mother, Joshua Alan Jones, 24, was killed by Russian troops in late August. The German auto group is leaving Germany, as announced by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on Wednesday. Russian company AVTODOM said in a statement that “Mercedes-Benz will sell shares of its Russian subsidiary to local investors.” “The new owners of the Russian subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz will be able to attract other companies as partners to open in 2019 and organize joint manufacturing of cars at the Mercedes plant in Yessipovo, about 50 km from Moscow.” Source: According to Taipei, Ukraine is “Taiwan’s model”. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Wednesday that it had announced a $56 million aid package to Kyiv to rebuild infrastructure devastated by Russian attacks. Ukraine has benefited from public support for the island after Russia launched an offensive on Ukrainian territory, raising fears that China could execute a threat to take over Taiwan. “The Marshall Plan of the 21st Century” for the massive reconstruction of Ukraine. Speaking in Kyiv on Tuesday at the International Conference on Ukraine’s Reconstruction in Berlin, President Zelensky urged participants to make a decision to “close the hole in Ukraine’s budget deficit” in 2023. billion dollars […] It’s teachers’ and doctors’ salaries, social services, and pensions.” At the meeting’s opening ceremony, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for the reconstruction to “start now”, believing it “to create a new Marshall Plan for the 21st century”.
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