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Whether because of declining purchasing power or the endless waiting for a new car to be delivered, many French are turning to the second-hand market. And each segment logically has a star. Renault Clio for versatile city cars, Volkswagen Golf for compact cars, Peugeot 3008 for SUVs and Porsche 911 for sports cars! Best used reviews with some buying tips! There are no surprises among the versatile city cars! The Renault Clio has been a star on the second-hand market for many years. Clearly, this 5th gen still isn’t very much on thrift, but the previous ones are well represented. The Clio saga has a classification task. Especially avoid the first two generations that are too old and will soon be banned from circulation in town. A good plan starts with Clio 3, which came out in 2005. But choose your engine carefully. Used, How To Find The Best Deals On The Market – TURBO Report (16/10/2022) Reconstructed Clio 4, Best Plans You should avoid the Diesel DCi especially until 2010. Costs like a car. On the other hand, there were no problems with the gasoline engine and it was stable on the Clio 2. In the Clio 4, it was just the opposite. Diesel first! The famous 1.2 TCe that you have to run away from because you drink as much oil as gasoline. For less than 10,000 €, you should aim for a styling change on the Clio 4 to benefit from an improvement of 0.9 TCe and a better interior finish. Among compacts, the Golf 7, which is preferred as the star of the event, is no surprise Volkswagen Golf. If the 8th gen has just been released and is still too expensive, then its predecessor is very well represented on the second-hand market. Diesel from 2000 to 2008 and the first TSI petrol from the early 2010s are prescribed two engines that are subject to timing chain issues. To find the best golf you’ll need to switch to Gen 7 to take advantage of the advantageous Crit’Air vignettes (1 petrol, 2 diesel). In essence the 1.2 TSI 110 hp is a good choice and for larger rollers it might be interesting to switch from the 110 hp (or 105 hp) to the 1.6 TDI with a DSG gearbox. Even in the Reliable 3008 SUV, the opportunities are endless! And, of course, the best-selling French Peugeot 3008, launched in 2016 and restyled two years ago. Named Car of the Year 2017, the second-generation Sochalien entices drivers with style and service, bringing it closer to a premium. Overall, the 3008 is well built and doesn’t suffer from major stability issues. Even if a specific version needs to be monitored, such as a Diesel BlueHDI with AdBlue system problem, repairs can cost up to €1,500. Also watch out for the 1.2 PureTech sold through 2018 and a weak timing belt. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, two versions are preferred. THP 165 with automatic transmission and premium finishes for smaller riders and 1.6 BlueHDI business versions for diesel. Still Affordable 996 Finally, a small bonus for those on a budget: the Porsche 911 is the queen of used sports cars. And one generation is still cheaper! This is the 996 that many consider the ugly duckling. However, this previously unloved 911 has many advantages. We calculate 35,000 euros for a model in better condition than the price, as well as the good-looking Flat-6, and above all, focus on the two-stage mechanical gearbox version for greater reliability.
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