Eagles vs. Cowboys Goal, Takeaway: Philadelphia Holds Dallas Return to Stay Undefeated

PHILADELPHIA — The Dallas Cowboys made more exciting things than they had, but the Philadelphia Eagles ultimately remained perfect on Sunday night, beating their division rivals 26-17 and improving their record to 6-0. The Eagles used monsters. Having 20 points in the second quarter gave us the strength to win. Philadelphia intercepted Cooper Rush three times in the evening, allowing one run in addition to 18 of 38 passes and three picks from 181 yards. Dallas had a strong run game and play-action pass in the third and early fourth quarters, but 13 75-yard Eagles touchdown drives took them 7:37. The watch has almost put things away. Had it not done so, the third block of Rush that occurred on the next drive was definitely there. Jalen Hurts didn’t get much in the air (15 out of 25 for 155 yards), but did a good job neutralizing pass rushes with his legs and his threat was followed by several high quality runs by running backs. , especially Miles Sanders. He also turned to both AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith for a touchdown on Nick Sirianni’s well-designed play. Philadelphia retained the first place in the NFC East Division with the victory, and the loss pushed Dallas 4-2 to third place behind the Giants. It relied on play design to win the battle against aggressive defense. As mentioned earlier, Rush was blocked three times. The Cowboys turned the ball down in the second quarter. On several occasions, they took advantage of the Cowboys’ aggressive upfield pass rush and executed a read option play or run pass option designed for players like AJ Brown to go into the flat for a post-catch run opportunity. Why Cowboys Lost They overturned it, took too many penalties, didn’t have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Eagles, and couldn’t stop running or RPO games in the Big Third Down. Rush, who has not yet intercepted this season, has been picked three times. Dallas took 10 penalties over 72 yards. Rush averaged 4.8 yards per attempt. Philly controlled the ball in 34:30 and switched several important third-down opportunities. Turning Points We are doing two plays that may not have been on the radar. First, there was the final of the first quarter. The Eagles and Cowboys tied 0-0 and Philly finished third and 12th with 46 seconds left on the Dallas 18-yard line. After Hurts completed an 8-yard pass to AJ Brown, the Eagles ran to the line and pretended to play 4s and 4s. A quarter-hard count from Hurts led Dante Fowler Jr. offside, buying the Eagles first down and leading to a Miles Sanders touchdown in the opening play of the second quarter. After Philly led 14-0 in the second quarter, the Cowboys had a chance to cut the lead. At third and ninth from his 26-yard line, Rush went over the center and completed passes to CeeDee Lamb. At first it looked like Lamb had got enough yards for the first down, but the line jersey changed the spot and marked him short. Rather than watch the replays and challenge themselves (Lamb obviously took the top spot), the Cowboys quickly got on the line and asked Rush for a pirate. The Eagles then extended the lead to 17-0. Highlight Plays Tonight’s best individual play may have been this juke with Cowboys tight end Jake Ferguson entering the end zone. The best designed play came from the Eagles. As DeVonta Smith tricked the pick route and entered the end zone, Jalen Hurts found him for an easy run. But for the highlights, we have to go with Philly’s Rush’s three picks. The first two were forcibly thrown at an unopened receiver, while the third came from a play where Rush was hit when releasing the ball. What’s next The Eagles are the NFL’s lone undefeated team and are entering their 7th week. When you return in Week 8, you become the host of the Steelers. The Cowboys will return home next week with a 4-2 record to face the Detroit Lions. Dak Prescott could be his first match after breaking his thumb in week one.
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