As Walker faces new abortion claims, a familiar pattern emerges among his allies.

The woman, who remained anonymous, said Walker stepped forward in anger at denying similar accusations from another ex-girlfriend. “Herschel Walker is a hypocrite and not a good fit for the US Senate,” she said at a press conference organized by Gloria Allred, a renowned Los Angeles attorney. We don’t need people in the US Senate who profess one thing and do another,” she said. “Herschel Walker pressured me to have an abortion even though she said she was against having an abortion.” Walker, who immediately called the women’s allegations a “lie”, did not directly comment or question them during his campaign. Instead, he delivered mostly typical stump speeches that included a thorn attack on Warnock. because sen. Warnock and all the left are all campaigning right now. They are lying to you,” he added, adding that his opponents were underestimating him. “They don’t realize I’m not a politician,” Walker said. “I don’t look alike at all. I don’t say the same thing. I don’t act like that because I’m a warrior for God.” Democrats don’t take it lightly. Warnock’s campaign aired advertisements classifying Walker as a hypocrite because of his outright support for an outright ban on abortion, whether rape, incest or even when a woman’s life is in jeopardy.Credit: Stephen B. Morton for Atlanta Journal Constitution Courtesy: Atlanta The journal’s Stephen B. Morton ConstitutionAnd Warnock’s campaign released statements that evoked exaggeration of Walker’s patterns of violent behavior, falsehoods during the campaign, and his business experience and academic record. It’s about truth, it’s about answering questions, it’s about taking responsibility for your actions,” said Rachel Petri, Warnock’s Deputy Director. He said the “problematic pattern” is a recurring case. ,” she said. It was left to Walker’s allies to counter the allegations, weeks after another woman at a coming rally accused Walker of paying for her 2009 ab. Walker also denied the allegations and threatened to file a defamation suit he had not yet filed. He expressed, “Does anyone there go to church? I go to church because I need grace. And one of the greatest salvation stories I’ve ever heard is Herschel Walker.” He then appealed to skeptical Republicans to see one vote for Walker as one against Democrat policy, McCormick said: “One important thing to me about our next U.S. Senator here in Georgia is that he votes right. .” “Herschel Walker will vote right.” U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham joined other Republicans by insulting Allred, who has built up a reputation as a female representative in celebrity cases.” And he told the crowd that Washington’s political establishment was “afraid” of Georgia Republicans, “because if Herschel Walker wins it means we’re not racists. And if you’re a Republican, you’re racist to everyone.” Aren’t you tired of being called a racist?” He said applause and “amen” boos from a mostly white crowd. One key Republican didn’t rush to defend Walker. Late Wednesday Fox News asked about Walker’s election chances on Wednesday, Brian Kemp avoided the question. “I’m trying to get all the tickets to cross the finish line. The Democrats have beaten us here many times,” he said. “I saw that happen in 2020, and we’ll see it happen in 2022. I won’t let you get up again.”
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