Orne: He was driving at 135 km/h behind the wheel of a Mercedes drunk without a valid license.

Guillaume Jeanne Posted on Nov 22 at 10:53 Le Publicateur Libre View my news Follow this media The driver was driving under the influence without a valid license in La Ferté-Macé, Orne. ©Adobe PhotoStock, illustration photo On Monday, October 31, 2022, the Caen Court of Appeal commuted the sentence imposed by the Argentine Criminal Court on April 13, 2022 “on a 57-year-old driver who refused to comply.” La Ferté-Macé With a summons from the military police, Stéphane X was initially sentenced to 8 months in prison. Already sentenced to 4 counts At the judicial level, the 50-year-old has been reported to have already been brought to justice, particularly for burning down the house of a “friend” in Bellou-en-Houlme in 2013. was sentenced to four terms between 2021 and 2021. His lawyer, Me Marie-Françoise Brodin, initially found the decision “serious”, especially since his clients “compete for overspeed”. He was driving at “90 km/h” rather than 138 km/h instead of the 50 km/h prescribed “the maintained speed is 128 km/h”, the judge recalled against him and that the defendant was “known for similar facts”. The driver confirmed that he did not consider himself “dependent” on alcohol, although he drank “eight glasses of rosé a day” at the time. “Alcohol is shit, my sister has cirrhosis of the liver, it’s wreaking havoc.” Stéphane X.Videos: Now at ActuRemains, his The behavior “demonstrates that a lesson has not been learned” in his background, he agreed. There must be concern. returned to prison, but committed these crimes in spite of everything. Counsel Me Marie-Françoise Brodin pointed out that his client “works”. To ensure unity: Stéphane X “respects temporary duties despite the difficulties of travel” related to the driving ban declared by the Argentan Criminal Court. “If I had been drunk on the way to work, I wouldn’t have lasted long,” she assured. “He stopped thanks to detention. He forced himself not to drink anymore.” He saw “his brothers and sisters fall one after another.” At 47, “the age at which he began to see his brothers and sisters come together” after another”. “But today, despite his recidivism, he has understood the lesson,” she wanted to convince. Thus, the lawyers at the Caen Court of Appeal The first year of license suspension has already passed nine months and the defense appealed for speedy restitution.-Françoise Brodin, Caennais After 6 months to the judge, the magistrate finally sentenced Stephen X to 6 months in prison instead of the 8 months sentenced in the first trial and accepted that he carry out the sentence wearing an electronic bracelet. Thus, he “maintains job security and avoids drinking alcohol”. “Efforts to keep distance”. Was this article helpful? You can follow Le Publicateur Libre in my news space. After registering with one click you will find all the news from your favorite cities and brands .
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