Theon Design C001 (2022): This Porsche 911 offers gorgeous looks and powerful performance.

Zapping Autonews Story Skoda 110 OHC Coupé: Video-reconstructed Czech racing car This is a particularly high-end retrofit model unveiled in October 2022 by British company Theon Design. This Porsche 911 type 964 underwent a full restoration before being customized for a Chilean customer. Adopting a carbon fiber body, benefiting from a semi-active suspension and, above all, seeing the flat 6 engine evolve. This C001 signed Theon design in Viola Metallica is reminiscent of a 1993 911 sold in Germany for 30 years. coupe. The restomod sits on a 17″ Fuchs rim. It also receives electronic power steering, a four-vent valve exhaust and a carbon disc-based brake system. A ducktail type spoiler is located at the rear of the vehicle. Photo of restomod based on Porsche 911 Type 964 + 30Theon Design C001 (2022) – Theon DesignHeavy weighing 1,164 kg, thus Theon Design C001 is powered by air flat 6 with displacements from 3.6 to 4.0 liters. Power reaches 405 horsepower for 476 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a six-speed transmission and a limited-slip differential. Gear levers are from Carrera RS. Carbon fiber and purple leather upholstery launch slideshow Theon Design C001 (2022) | Porsche 911 type 964 + 30Theon Design C001 (2022)Credit Photo – The rest mode photo with Theon Design correctly mounted on the 001 has a particularly neat finish. In particular, the Recaro Club Sport bucket seats have party or treated purple leather. Carbon fiber is also present, especially in the center console. It has a magnetic smartphone holder so as not to distort the dashboard with a screen that is too modern. And the car is equipped with a Focal audio system. The Theon Design C001 costs £380,000 sterling or approximately €432,795 at the time of writing. This price does not include the amount required to purchase the donated vehicle Porsche 911 type 964 Carrera 4.3. Porsche 911 type 964+30Theon Design C001 (2022)Credit Photo – What is the difference between Theon DesignTheon Design C001 and a Porsche 911? This Porsche 911 type 964 Carrera 4 has been restored and customized with Theon Design. C001. In addition to the carbon-fiber body painted in Viola Metallic, it has 17-inch Fuchs rims, a ducktail spoiler and four exhaust vents. The interior features upholstery that combines exposed carbon fiber and purple leather and an advanced Focal audio system. How powerful is this 911 Type 964 Carrera 4 transformed into a Theon Design C001 with an engine upgrade as well as aesthetics. . This air flat 6 sees the displacement reach 4.0. Output is set at 405 horsepower and 476 Nm of torque. Ondesign takes care not to convey the vehicle’s performance. We all know it weighs only 1,164 kg. How much does the C001 cost? Over 380,000 pound sterlings Theon Design claims can offer the C001. This represents €432,795 at the time of writing this line. The price of the donated vehicle, the Porsche 911 type 964 Carrera 4 (Theon Design C001), must be added to this amount. This restomod was created at the request of a Chilean customer of this British manufacturer. Perched on a 17-inch Fuchs rim, the car sports a particularly eccentric color, Viola Metallica. The C001 also gets a ducktail spoiler and four exhaust vents. The interior features purple leather upholstery and exposed carbon fiber inserts. The flat 6 engine has a displacement of 4.0 and produces 405 horsepower with 476 Nm of torque. Unlike price, performance is not stated. 380,000 pounds sterling or about 432,795 euros to fill out this line. You must add the price of the donor vehicle to this amount. MenLife: The everyday men’s network
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