Prisco’s NFL Week 7 Pick: Dak Prescott’s Return to Cowboy Rolls, Tom Brady, Bucs Rebounds, Broncos Stunning Jets

I want to win all 3 stages of the game just once. Do you sound like a coach? You may need coaching encouragement to actually make these choices. I choose to play straight away against the spread and then play my best every week. There seems to be one area that I struggle with every week. Last week I did my best as part of the Pick Six podcast. I dropped my overall record to .500 at 17-17 with 2-4. I went 9-5 with professional picks and 7-7 with straight-up picks. That raises my season record ATS right away to 42-47-4 and 50-43-1. It’s time for a complete game. It’s time to win all three stages, even if the straight up pick is the same as the special team. Arizona Cardinals v. New Orleans Saints These two players are one of the biggest disappointments of the season. The Cardinals were not scoring, so it was expected that this would be a strength for the team. The Saints are expected to be an advantage as they have defensive problems. So what do you offer? Even if DeAndre Hopkins returns to the Cardinals, I think the Saints defense will do their best. Choices: Saints 24, Cardinals 20 Sunday 1pm ET (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Baltimore Ravens v. Cleveland Browns These two are off to a slow start, but the Ravens have lost three games with a double-digit lead in the second half. That won’t happen in this part. Lamar Jackson will have a big game against the current bad Cleveland defense. Choices: Ravens 33, Browns 19 Sunday, 1 pm ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Panthers are a mess right now and we’re not even sure who’s going to be the quarterback this week. as important. Tampa Bay are having a bad loss to the Steelers, who have been on a sluggish offensive. That will change it here. Bucs will bounce back from those load losses, even if they are playing consecutive road games. Choices: Bucs 30, Panthers Sunday 17, 1:00 PM EST (Fox, FuboTV) Suggested Games | Cincinnati Bengal vs. Atlanta Falcons This is a big game for these two teams. The Falcons are taking an impressive home win over the 49ers to reach 3-3. They are a difficult team to defend because of their aggressive play style. The Bengals seem to be heading in the right direction on offense, which is not going to be good for the Falcons. Bengals explode with a pass game behind Joe Burrow. Choices: Bengals 33, Falcons 24 Sunday, 1pm EST (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Dallas Cowboys VS. Detroit Lions This is Dak Prescott’s return from quarterback for the Cowboys. It can’t happen against a better team. Leaving Lions were bad for the pass. Go to Prescott to get a downfield pass game for the Cowboys, even more than Cooper Rush. Choices: Cowboys 31, Lions 21 Sunday 1pm ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Jacksonville Jaguar VS. The New York Giants Jaguar is preferred over the 5-1 team. It seems strange. But Jacksonville could easily be 4-2 rather than 2-4. The Giants won by hitting the ball and defending well. The Jaguar has pass-defense issues that don’t affect Giants attacks. Find Jacksonville to beat the Giants. Ozmaker is right. Choices: Jaguars 24, Giants 20 Sunday, 1:00 PM EST (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts Farewell The Titans defeated the Colts three weeks ago. The Colts won a tough division match against Jaguar last week, but are now off to face the team that powers football against Jaguar with Derrick Henry. The Titans will do so again here to take the division big. Choices: Titans 28, Colts 20 Sunday 1pm ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Washington Commanders VS. Green Bay Packers The Packers didn’t play good football with a two-game losing streak. They take a break here in that Carson Wentz came out for Washington. This means Taylor Heinicke is at quarterback. The Green Bay defense really struggled with runs that would help the commander. It could be an important day for Brian Robinson Jr. But I think the Packers will win a tight match. Pick: Packers 24, Commanders 23 Sunday 4:05 PM ET (CBS, Paramount+) Recommended Games | Denver Broncos vs. The Denver Broncos New York Jets The Jets are playing their second straight road game after upset the Packers last week. There must be natural discouragement. And the wild horse desperately needs victory. Not a good combination. The defense is playing well for the Bronco, but they don’t score. Here I look for defense to get the best of the Jets. Denver takes it. Choices: Broncos 21, Jets 17 Sunday, 4:05 PM EST (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Vegas Raiders vs. Houston Texans is a game where two teams draw bye. The Raiders are an amazing 1-4, but they’ve been involved in a lot of games. Texans beat Jaguar last time but their offense is too limited to stay in this match. Las Vegas gets it. Pick: Raiders 26, Texans Sunday the 13th, 4:25 PM ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Los Angeles Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks The Chargers have won their third game in a row, but they didn’t look very good. Attack doesn’t click yet. But Seattle’s defense, which played well last week against Arizona, isn’t very good. This is a game in which Justin Herbert hits a few feet down the field. The problem is that Seattle can run it and the Chargers can’t stop running. Seahawks will be hanging around. Choices: Chargers 23, Seahawks 21 Sunday 4:25 PM ET (Fox, FuboTV) Suggested Games | San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs This is one of the best games of the week, with the Super Bowl recurring years ago. But it features both teams losing. It will be interesting to see the Chiefs attack against the 49ers defense. I just don’t think the 49ers will slow them down enough with a lot of injuries on the side of the ball. Find Patrick Mahomes and get back on track. Choices: Chiefs 30, 49ers Sunday 23 at 8:20 PM ET (NBC, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers This is Tua Tagovailoa’s return for the Dolphins at quarterback. The Steelers are likely to return Mitch Trubisky to replace the injured Kenny Pickett, but if Pickett responds to the concussion protocol, he has a chance to play. The Steelers had a good defense last week, but the Dolphins haven’t been good on the ball side this season. Find the Steelers to keep this close. But the Dolphins will win it. Selected: Dolphins 28, Steelers 25Monday, 8:15 pm ET (ESPN, FuboTV) Recommended Games | New England Patriots vs. The New England Patriots Chicago Bears The Bears take a 10-day break after their game last Thursday, and the Patriots are heading home to beat the Browns. New England have made great strides on the defensive side. It will show up against bad bear attacks that are limited in passing games. When it comes to attacking, Bailey Zappe or Mac Jones can do well in a passing game, no matter who plays. Pats will win big. Choices: Patriots 27, Bears 7
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