Ukraine accused of fraudulent Russian bomb fraud at nuclear power plant

Kyiv, UKRAINE (AP) — Ukraine’s nuclear operator said on Tuesday that Russian troops are carrying out covert operations at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine was preparing to launch so-called dirty bombs. Shoigu did his part by calling the British, French, Turkish and American over the weekend. Britain, France and the United States immediately rejected the claim, calling it an “obviously false”. Ukraine also dismissed Moscow’s claims as an attempt to distract attention from the Kremlin’s plans to detonate dirty bombs that the Kremlin uses to disperse radioactive waste. Energoatom, a Ukrainian state-owned company that operates four nuclear power plants, says Russian troops have carried out covert construction work at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine that was occupied last week. Energoatom said in a statement Tuesday that it could access monitors from Ukrainian personnel running the power plant or UN nuclear watchdog so that they could see what the Russians were doing. It uses nuclear material and radioactive waste stored in power plants. “The power plant’s dry spent fuel storage facility had 174 containers, and each container contained 24 spent fuel assemblies from adjacent locations,” he said. The UN Security Council held closed talks on the dirty bomb allegations at the request of Russia on Tuesday. , Ukraine’s Kyiv State Academy of Sciences Nuclear Research Institute and the Vostochniy Mining and Processing Plant “have received direct orders from the Zelensky regime to develop such a dirty bomb” and “work is in the final stages.” Nevenjia said he had also been informed that the work could “be carried out with the support of Western countries.” And he warned that Kyiv authorities and Western supporters would “take full responsibility for all consequences” by using “dirty bombs” that Russia would consider “an act of nuclear terrorism”. UN Deputy Secretary-General Dmitry Polyansky asked reporters after a board meeting what Russian evidence suggested that Zelensky directed the development of a “dirty bomb”. “It’s information,” he replied. “I shared it while talking on the phone with someone who had the necessary authorization,” he said. “People who want to understand that the threat is serious had every possibility to understand it. Those who want to deny it with Russian propaganda will do it anyway.” Polyansky said the IAEA could send inspectors to investigate the “dirty bomb” allegations. UN Under-Secretary-General James Kariuki told reporters after the meeting that “we have not seen or heard any new evidence”, and Britain, France and the United States have said “this is an outright false claim” and “pure Russia’s wrongdoing”. information,” he said. “Ukraine has made it clear that there is nothing to hide,” he said. “The IAEA inspectors are coming.” In this regard, Russia has asked the Security Council to set up a committee to investigate allegations of violations by the United States and Ukraine. Convention prohibiting the use of biological weapons in Ukrainian laboratories. 24 Invasion of Ukraine UN ambassador Vasily Nebenzia claimed that a secret US laboratory in Ukraine was involved in biological warfare, which the US and Ukraine denied. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the bomb should be taken seriously and that Western countries for ignoring it should be criticized. In a conference call with reporters, Peskov added. “At the White House, President Joe Biden was asked if Russia was preparing to deploy a tactical nuclear weapon after Russia claimed that Ukraine would use dirty bombs,” Biden said. When asked whether Ukraine’s allegations of dirty bombs constituted counterfeit operations, former Vice President Biden said, “If Russia asks us to use tactical nuclear weapons, it will make a very serious mistake.” he said “I don’t guarantee it’s a false declaration operation yet… but it would be a serious and serious mistake.” Dirty bombs would not have the destructive destruction of a nuclear explosion, but could expose large areas to radioactive contamination.___Ukrainian War Follow the AP’s report on:
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