Houston Heroes: Alvarez’s G2 explosion stuns M again.

HOUSTON — Yordan Alvarez and his powerful bat have done it again. They beat the Mariners 4-2 on Thursday and beat the Houston Astros 2-2 on Thursday, hitting a two-run lead in six innings against Seattle ace Luis Castillo. In the AL Division Series, 0-lead Alvarez was the hero of Game 1 with a gut-punch and 3-point shoot-off for AL Cy Young dominion Robbie Ray, who beat Astros 8-7 in the ninth with two outs. With a home run on Thursday, Alvarez became the first player in major league postseason history to hit multiple first home runs in six innings or later when the team was behind. His last two games, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Recruited from the Reds just before the trade deadline, Castillo scored 7⅓ innings in a wildcard round against Toronto, but gave up an early home run to Kyle Tucker. He took a 2-1 lead through the sixth inning, but with two outs, J Eremi Peña slammed a blur between second baseman Adam Fraser and center fielder Julio Rodriguez with a hit. Castillo looked disappointed as his ball fell into the shallow center, bent over and slapped his leg. This resulted in Alvarez throwing a 98 mile pitch into the opposing defense and entering the short veranda on the left, placing Astros in third. -2. Alvarez, who hit 37 home runs in the regular season, stole bases after arriving in Houston in August looking into the camera as his Cuban parents watched their first postseason series. The southpaw pointed to them as they reached home base before reenacting a powerful swing with one win remaining after a six-game losing streak in the AL Championship Series. When Seattle saw enough Alvarez, there were two outs and a single in the eighth inning. Leave the yard. The Mariners deliberately walked him over and Alex Bregman made them pay and added some insurance when he made it 4-2. He looked different from his last postseason look this season after he wiggled his hair with his fellow pitcher Luis Garcia. Hector Neris managed to get the win by avoiding bases in the bottom of the 6th inning. In the 7th, Bryan Abreu caught two outs in the top of the 7th, throwing a scoreless 1/3 inning before Rafael Montero came in, and Ryan Pressly walked the lead-off batter in the ninth before JP Crawford drew a double play line in the ninth. Rodriguez then doubled, but Presley struck out Thai France. Astros won despite conceding seven walks overall. The Mariners return to Seattle for Game 3 on Saturday, hosting his first playoff game in 21 years. In this division series, Houston catcher Martín Maldonado is burdened enough to ask him after the first game if his back hurts “because you take us as a team”. The 25-year-old is returning this postseason after a tough time in last year’s World Series. He had 0.100 home runs and six strikeouts. He did the same in left field. Alvarez finished with a sharp hit from Eugenio Suarez. seventh. In the first game, Suarez hit in the fourth inning and threw a perfect strike to Maldonado, who drove France to home base. Castillo recorded five hits and three runs and seven strikeouts in seven innings. The inning when Tucker put Castillo’s slider in right field to make Houston 1-0. Crawford doubled with two outs in the third inning. However, second baseman Jose Altuve finished the inning by stealing a base after Rodriguez hit first. Carlos Santana hit the one hopper that Valdez neatly defended towards third base, but his home ball went offline due to an error that Suarez allowed for a 1-all tie. . Haniger scored as Dylan Moore slammed a hit to make the Mariners 2-1. Neris took over and retired from Cal Raleigh to avoid jams.

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