Parkland parents lose it because of a Cruz lawyer who overturns the bird.

In the final hours of the two-day sentencing trial for 17-murder gunman Nikolas Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, his victims’ families had the opportunity to face off not only him but also his lawyers. Their actions before, during and after trial “This man, this animal, this piece of shit, this one took 17 lives,” said Michael Schulman, father of Parkland teacher Scott Beigel, outraged. “You have the right to defend him. You have neither the right nor the right to claim from those who have lost someone. doesn’t exist.” In a statement on Wednesday, Schulman referred to a moment captured on a short camera a few weeks ago. Shortly before the pre-trial hearing, Tamara Curtis, one of Cruz’s lawyers, found the cameraman manually adjusting the settings to focus on the table. She raises her middle finger and rubs her cheek. Then Cruz seemed to burst out laughing. As Schulman said, “The zeal of a confessed killer doesn’t turn the bird over when you think the camera isn’t up to you.” “You must be embarrassed.” Manuel Oliver, whose 17-year-old son Joaquin was shot dead four times, mocked during his testimony, quietly raising his middle finger to Cruz’s advice, saying he had “hidden his actions.” , Oliver added, “A lot of people will hate you all now,” after nearly four weeks of live-streaming trials. The defense was closely watched by the parents of 17-year-old Nicholas Dworet, Annika and Mitch Dworet. , who was present on each day of the trial. In her statement, Annika Dworet said the experience of being in the same room as the “monster” who killed her son was “unbearable”. But “one of the most disgusting and unprofessional acts that has ever happened in this courtroom” continued. Lawyers hugged, touched, and giggled this cold-blooded killer.” Family statements ranged from mundane to passionate, but the court’s sentiments did not reach the culmination we could see on Tuesday. Scattered for weeks with Cruz’s team—The defense spoke up on the first day of testimony, claiming that they were being “personally attacked” by the victim’s family. “When these people get angry about certain situations, Scherer said at one point on Tuesday: McNeill, be quiet. What’s wrong with these people sitting in this courtroom looking at this behavior at that table and wanting to say they’re not satisfied?”Sit” and “Quiet” Scherer Eventually, senior public defender Melisa McNeill and her chief assistant David Wheeler will be in court on Tuesday. was expelled from The next day, the parents turned one by one to talk to Cruz, and on February 2nd, they publicly grieved over the loss of Cruz to him and scolded him for being a monster. January 14, 2018. Oliver said he had been advised not to attend the hearings because he feared that he would make nonsense and hurt his proceedings. But he points to Cruz and says, “You’re going to die before me. And I will celebrate when you die.” “You shot my child four times. You blow his head. His amazing brain and ideas and dreams. You destroyed him.” Oliver said earlier that he would “try” not to use profanity, but added, “I thought it was the duty of the Parklands parents to come here and tell them what was right and what was wrong.” Shackled together, Cruz faced the courtroom blankly, showing no emotion when the victim’s relatives reviled him: “If every family here has bullets and an AR-15 and we have to pick a straw, then true justice will come true.” Will be. And your fears continued to grow until each of us shot you one at a time and the last family member who pulled the last straw had the privilege to kill you.” Cruz was officially sentenced to life in prison without parole on Wednesday. . After the jury recommended the punishment for the death penalty. The decision upset the families of many victims, including Manuel Oliver. “The death penalty wasn’t enough for me,” he told ABC News at the time. He said, “The way Joaquin died… given the pain and the extent of his suffering, the perpetrator would not have been punished for that.” Later that day, he tweeted that the outcome of the trial sent a disturbing message to other gunslingers. “Mass Killer: You get to live a natural life, eat three hot meals a day, shower every day, get treatment, hey, even a hobby or a new education.” At that point, Oliver decided not to attend the death penalty. It has not been decided whether he will appear to make a victim impact statement, he said. “It may be necessary, but I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t want to spend more time thinking about this terrible man, this monster.” Before she read the entirety of Cruz’s 34 life sentences, Scherer appreciated her family and their testimonies. “I know you’ll be fine, because you’re with each other,” she said, according to the Associated Press.
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