Prisco’s NFL Week 9: Pick: Rolling Commander Stuns Vikings The saints offend the crow. The Bucks slipped and beat the Rams.

i did it Finally did it. I had a good week. That’s the only way I can describe a week where I did my best as part of the Pick Six Podcast, 7-0, 8-7 on my expert-chosen spread, and 11-4 straight. like. My best bet was to go undefeated. Other areas weren’t very good, but there was progress. 7-0 improved my best betting record to 27-20 this year. The current ATS record is 58-61-4 and the straight-line record is 68-54-1. Now comes the hard part. is to try again. It has been doing great for two weeks in a row. Are you ready? Thursday 8:15 PM EST (Amazon Prime) Suggested Games | Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles The Eagles are undefeated and are playing at a high level. Texans don’t come close to that. But this is a short week to challenge the road team. The real challenge in the short week is the team preparing for the Eagles attack. That’s the difference. Jalen Hurts continues to play well. Choices: Eagles 33, Texans 13 Sunday, 1:00 PM EST (Fox, FuboTV) Suggested Games | Atlanta Falcons v. Los Angeles Chargers It’s time for the Chargers to say goodbye and play a pass game. There were no downfield draws. They will be back for a charger of this. The Falcons led the NFC South by surprise this season. They’ll be running it all day on the Chargers. But I think Justin Herbert is finally getting the pass game to play in a big way. Choices: Chargers 34, Falcons 26 Sunday 1pm ET (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins This is the Dolphins’ second consecutive road trip with the NFC North team. They beat the Lions last week and threw them all over the pitch. This is not fast enough, so it will slow you down. But I still think the passing game will be too much for the Bears. Dolphins take it. Choices: Dolphins 30, Bears 20 Sunday, 1pm EST (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Cincinnati Bengal vs. Carolina Panthers The Bengals didn’t do well on Monday night’s loss to the Browns. The offensive line has been dealt with. The Panthers are playing a continuous road game and it won’t be easy. They’re playing better with PJ Walker at quarterback and I think their defense, especially from the front, is holding them back. Choices: Bengals 26, Panthers 20 Sunday 1pm ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers The Packers showed off their attack against the Bills last week, which is a good sign. The Lions defense can be the perfect tonic to truly lead them. Detroit can score aggressively, so it could be a higher scoring game. Let Aaron Rogers finally raise a few numbers to win. Pick: Packers 31, Lions 27 Sunday, 1:00 PM EST (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Jacksonville Jaguar VS. Las Vegas Raiders The Raiders are in their second straight road game and the Jaguars return home after losing to the Broncos in London. The Raiders failed to score in a loss to the Saints. Trevor Lawrence’s poor performance is also a concern for Jacksonville. I think it changes here. Jaguar wins. Choices: Jaguars 24, Raiders 20 Sunday 1pm ET (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | New England Patriots vs. New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts The Patriots were impressed by beating the Jets on the road last week, but the Colts lost to Washington in Sam Ehlinger’s first start. The Colts haven’t been good on offense all year round, no matter who plays the quarterback. But they showed some signs of life last week. The Patriots haven’t improved much on offense, but I think their defense will win this game. close. Choices: Patriots 21, Colts 17Buffalo Bills (-13) at New York JetsSunday, 1pm ET (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills The Jets have a big loss to the Patriots, who had a bad attack. Zach Wilson has to choose his play. Bills can roll up large numbers on offense and will perform against Jets defenses. Jet can’t keep up. Buffalo continues. Choices: Bills 37, Jets 23 Sunday 1pm ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Washington Commanders VS. It suddenly became a big game as the Minnesota Viking Commanders went on to win three straight. The Vikings have a five-game losing streak. Minnesota didn’t get rid of the team, but they are looking for a way. Commander’s defense has improved recently and I think it will be the same here. The commander accepts it with a slightly bewildered expression. Choices: Commanders 27, Vikings 26 Sunday, 4:05 PM ET (Fox, FuboTV) Recommended Games | Arizona Cardinals v. Seattle Seahawks The Seahawks are number one in the NFC West and have taken their place with good offense as their defense improves. Arizona has offense but is also struggling on defense. This will be a high-scoring game, but I think Seattle’s offense will make the most of it. Choices: Seahawks 30, Cardinals 28 Sunday 4:25 PM ET (CBS, Paramount+) Suggested Games | Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. When the Los Angeles Rams schedule came out, it looked like the game of the week. Now it’s a survival test. Both teams are struggling. So, which one can turn it? I will go with Bugs. They’re at home and their attacks aren’t as tough as the Rams. Tom Brady won. Selection: Bucs 24, Rams 17 Sunday, 8:20 PM EST (NBC, FuboTV) Suggested Games | Kansas City Chiefs v. Tennessee Titans This week’s game is a matchup between Derrick Henry and Patrick Mahomes. Runner vs. Runner. pass. pass please The Titans are on their second road game in a row, while the Chiefs are saying goodbye and Director Andy Reid is saying goodbye. It’s a big plus for Kansas City, but Henry will keep his team going. Selection: Chiefs 31, Titans 21 Monday, 8:15 PM EST (ESPN, FuboTV) Suggested Games | New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens The Ravens rest after a game in Tampa Bay on Thursday. They threw the ball over 200 yards in that game. It will not happen against the defense of these saints. Find a New Orleans defender who can keep playing well after blocking the Raiders last week. Choices: Saints 26, Ravens 20
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