We met two of Var’s at the Porsche Carrera Cup France ahead of the final at Le Castellet.

We take the same thing and start over. Or… As in 2021, the Porsche Carrera Cup France gave birth to a 100% southern duel. It remains to be seen whether title holder Marvin Klein and revenge contender Dorian Boccolacci will win the bet. Last year their showdown ended in a gravel pit on the Portimao circuit (Portugal). At Paul Ricard this weekend, Saint-Maximin’s 23-year-old son Klein advances to the final by 14 points against Callian, 24-year-old “gorilla” Boccolacci. Interview power 2. When this season was bright, did you envision your life as a remake of the 2021 duel, or did you envision a different scenario from your other rivals? Marvin Klein: It’s hard to predict anything. Every year, Carrera Cup France brings together excellent drivers, beginners or repeaters. When I started again, to tell the truth, there was only one certainty in my head. Even though he was a defending champion, he knew he wouldn’t make it past the season. I never thought of winning every race and claiming a second crown before my tenure. Not at all. I was well aware of the level of competition. I focused on myself with a desire to drive home to the point. Dorian Boccolacci: Honestly, at first I thought it was Bastian Buus (Danish driver, 4th in the 2022 Porsche Supercup… and 4th in the France Cup until this Var final) and Alessandro Ghiretti (teammate). Martinet by Almeras (currently 3rd place) participates in the game to the end. But Bastian missed the Zandvoort stage. And anyway, Marvin and I went back to the same basics. We share victory. Enough to keep a healthy emulation and you can level it up even further. How do you see your journey so far? MK: In Cup France, I started the season really well. Zandvoort’s strike is costly to clash with a player who failed to score in the first leg (Italian Simone Iaquinta, a player outside the Dutch Championship). This error allowed me to lose 20 points and approach the finals with a much bigger lead. On the Super Cup side, I had two shortcomings in Imola and the Red Bull ring. Too bad… At Le Castelle, we aim for the podium at each stage. I win the round in Zandvoort. From the start, there was definitely a way to get into the top 3 instead of 6 at this rate. Fourth, worst case. DB: In France, I had a very bad start at Nogaro, and I lost a lot from the start (out of the qualifier track for the 2nd race). However, we beautifully corrected the situation in the next bend (2 wins at Spa-Francorchamps). So far I am quite satisfied. And I hope to be completely over at the end of the weekend. However, Supercup’s results are more mixed. Positives: Check in Monaco. 2nd consecutive podium (3rd place in 2021, 2nd place this year). After that, we lose the thread too often. In short, we have failed to translate our potential into results. scarce. In which areas do you think progress has been made in 2022? MK: I think the technical dialogue with the CLRT team has been further improved. My feedback has obviously tweaked some details. After four seasons, not everything is perfect. Undoubtedly, some parameters can be optimized. Above all, regularity. DB: In this second campaign, I picked up a few little things related to the Porsche Cup. From emotions, analysis, and feedback. It helps when you have time to grind your car before a meeting, like in Cup France. Supercup happens when you hit the veil of Formula 1. This is more difficult because the timing is very limited and you have to immediately put your finger on the proper setting. A year ago, ahead of the final in Portimao, Dorian took on the reins of the classification and Marvin took on the role of the chaser. Here, the opposite. What position do you prefer? MK: It doesn’t matter. This new decisive deadline comes with the same heart as before. Being at the forefront today doesn’t change my approach. Another circuit, same goal: I want to win two races with two pole positions at Le Castelle. Make a whole box. DB: It’s always better to lead the dance a priori. From there, if I count 14 lengths in the back, we are surfing positive dynamics. After Zandvoort, the gap has been closed. To the extent that I become the master of fate. Two pole positions and a streak of two victories at Paul Ricard will give me the title. Therefore, I aim for nothing but the perfect weekend. It’s a big challenge, as neither in 2021 nor this year have we had such a score. If you’re told that the qualifiers scheduled for Saturday morning will be the weekend and an important moment of the season… do you agree? MK: Of course qualifications have a big impact on balance. They will be very important. determinant? I do not know. Then there will be two races. Big points to pick up. Like anywhere else, many things can happen in Le Castellet. For poleman, it is better not to settle for a laurel wreath. DB: Qualification, it will create a trend. Either one has an advantage. At Le Castellet, it is important to start first. Because we don’t get the benefit of huge suction, we have to risk every time we try to overtake. However, nothing is decided until Race 1 starts. Saturdays and Sundays can have good or bad surprises. In motorsport, we are safe from nothing. So, if you’re curious about the results, see you at the finish line on Sunday! Last year, after crashing on the first lap to be exact, no one saw the final race coming. Could such an obvious conclusion be drawn again? MK: I hope not! A year ago, although there was a title, I was disappointed that it did not cross the line. Today I can’t imagine for a moment reproducing this kind of result. I don’t drive to break sheet metal, I drive to win. Home Finals, A to Z to be successful and finish in style. No choice. DB: Actually, I want to avoid this scenario. But we cannot rule it out. Your best bet is to stay out of reach. Simply put… me!

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