Fantasy Football Week 6: Washington Commanders vs. Chicago Bears Sit/Start Tips for Thursday Night Football

Wait, now. I know what you’re thinking. I watched TNF last week and took a look at the team tonight to see if there’s anything else to do. However, this game has a more fantasy plot. In addition, both teams have low expectations, so there is less tension. Carson Wentz can excel when it has clean pockets. Justin Fields looks like he’ll come out with a pass. There are also a few fringe fantasy options worth considering. But first, let’s look at matchups from a big picture perspective. Two ‘Prove-It’ quarterbacks clash in an NFC showdown. It’s odd to think that Fields has to prove himself in a second showdown. year . We all saw his rookie season. But the new system gives rise to new plans. And Fields don’t necessarily have to be part of that plan. Their actions this offseason have hinted at that. Still, his progress is a lever for what happens next. At least he can still create in harsh conditions. It’s fun to watch the field in the open, but his magical need brings some sadness to the mix. According to Pro Football Focus, he has the most scrambles of any quarterback. That said, his highlights aren’t intentionally designed. And while the quick reaction is to point out the Chicago staff, some blame should go to the quarterbacks. Fields has the slowest average throw time at 3.35 seconds. Meanwhile, the Bears’ offensive line is 8th in pass block win rate. There are some things that are not added here. Besides, he has the second highest pressure among all starting pitchers. So I bet you’ll see more of him making his way through the traffic jams.[Watch Thursday Night Football on Prime Video: Sign up for a 30-day free trial]Washington’s defensive front ranks fifth in pressure ratios and fifth in EPA permitted rushes. However, their secondary work is a work in progress. 3 out of 5 opponents got multi-pass touchdowns. The commander did not force the interception after week 1. Tonight Fields can shine with a pass. He’s made some progress and Washington’s defense will give him the confidence he needs. Hopefully their offense will lead to a competitive match, but what about Carson Wentz? Without a doubt, Wentz was inconsistent in the centre. But look at when these discrepancies appeared. Philadelphia dunked him in the third week and Dallas showed him a similar amount of love the following Sunday. Both teams are in the top 10 allowed by the Dropback EPA. Wentz is the same person who only wears the commander’s uniform. But our fantasy managers can still use Wentz tonight. Chicago ranks seventh in foreclosure rates, but ninth in adjusted layoffs. At the same time, Wentz is not a complete disaster under pressure. With the exception of Weeks 3 and 4, he is 7th in goal completion with no interceptions. Consider Carson Wentz in Tonight’s Fantastic Lineup. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) Wentz’s long-term survival as a Washington starting pitcher could be debatable if the situation worsens. But tonight’s offense has a runway to play well. Terry McLaurin caught my eye this evening and will be one of my points of interest when week 6 begins. TNF’s Point of Interest Aside from Ron Rivera throwing stones at his quarterback, I have the same anxiety in the air tonight. It doesn’t feel like 5 weeks. So I can focus on a few key aspects of each attack that have a long-term fantasy effect. For example, you may have left the aforementioned field too early. Chicago won, but only stepped back 23 times to make a pass in the rain. And they lost one after another. In three weeks, he made only 45 attempts. Tom Brady pitched 52 in consecutive weeks. Fields’ incredibly high layoffs and turnovers were enough to make him worry about his season and career. But he may have been around the corner. Justin Fields is going through data analysis. (Photo by Chris Allen) Fields’ baseline metric has steadily increased since week 3. Of course it’s not good, but I’ll take a positive trend if possible. Part of the improvement is trusting the plan and team members. In the first three weeks, play-action pass completion rates were ranked 31st, despite having the 5th highest percentage. He didn’t miss a throw in Week 5. And we all know what he can do as a rusher. Josh Allen is the only quarterback with a higher failure rate of forced tackles than Fields. He has three fewer explosive runs than Jalen Hurts, who leads all passes with 12 passes. Continued progress as a thrower is exactly what we need to see for the young quarterback of the rebuilding team. With Washington’s defense in trouble, it’s time to take another look at his moves tonight. Where is Scary Terry? Wentz is in the top five in passing yards and touchdowns. Buy it in theory. His supporting cast is where he is better than Colts and has a better-than-expected acceptance rate. However, Terry McLaurin’s middle role in “The Wentz Resurrection” (which is likely to be short-lived) is a sell-off. Jahan Dotson and Logan Thomas missed last week and the recently extended receiver was third in goals. But I don’t think it’s his fault. Terry McLaurin analyzed the path to fantasy. (Photo by Chris Allen) I don’t think McLaurin will cause much backlash against the idea of ​​being the best receiver. However, he did his best and pushed out 68.9% of career highs. No other pass catcher on the team can consistently gain separation or forced coverage to respect boundaries like McLaurin. Moreover, his red zone participation rate is at an all-time low. For now, he’s just another person in the attack. McLaurin leads all Washington starting pitchers in air yard possession. And Washington has the ninth most passing attempts when in the red zone. It may take time, but McLaurin’s talent shouldn’t relegate him to Wentz’s only third option. But Don’t Bench This Guys tonight kicks off their first week against the team. An injury may have left him out of the last few weeks, but at week 6 the choices are much more limited. It’s okay if you don’t get one of this week’s hot waiver pickups. One of these players at the end of the bench could make it through the matchup and JD McKissic Brian Robinson would be the spotlight for Washington backfield. And of course it is. In his debut, he lined up to lead the Commander, beating Antonio Gibson. However, a third option for dash attack must have PPR attraction to TNF. JD McKissic phantom pathway analysis. (Photo by Chris Allen)JD McKissic hasn’t had a single rush attempt in week 5. However, he was second on the team in goals in the same game. His route participation rate has been over 50.0% over the past three weeks. Most importantly, his TPRR (targets per route) rebounded again in week 5. The absence of Logan Thomas favors McKissic. Last week’s pass catchback handled 40.0% of the two-minute work, earning all of Wenzz’s red zone goals. When McKissic is on the field, there is a strong indication that the team is trying to catch the ball to him. His 28.0% TPRR led all Washington Pass catchers for five weeks. Again, I nod to McKissic in PPR form only. Commanders have enough uncertainty in the current game. But McKissic’s role as a receiver is sure enough for Thursday night’s FLEX play Darnell Mooney It’s been a tough season for Darnell Mooney. Or rather, it depends on how you look at it. He leads the team in target possession (24.4%). His 44.2% air yard possession is the most starting receiver in the league. However, he has only 21 goals for the season. Cooper Kupp made 19 appearances in Week 4 alone. But Washington’s second leg is weak enough to warrant Mooney as a viable option tonight. Darnell Mooney Reception Perception 2021. (Photo by Matt Harmon/Reception Perception) We know we are in Week 5, but it can be helpful to remind ourselves about the skill level of our players. It makes it easier to analyze how far your current situation is compared to your surroundings. Reception awareness gives us a solid starting point. Mooney has been successful at each level since his rookie season. His outrageous 17.8 DOT will make him believe he’s just a serious threat. But the Bears’ coaching staff has put him in a position to be successful. Mooney leads all Chicago receivers in slot targets and screens. It’s usually the high percentage throws you want the pass catcher to throw. But Mooney and Fields only connected half of them. So I can mostly excuse Mooney’s lack of production. Plus, tonight’s matchup will be enough to forgive last month’s true story. I’m not going to mention any other WR1 stat lines as evidence of Mooney’s solid outing. I mean, of course — he could match DeVonta Smith’s numbers if he has double-digit goals. But I’m realistic and will focus on where the Bears are likely to use the Mooney. The slot receiver averaged 54.2 yards per game against Washington, averaging four touchdowns in five weeks. Washington, meanwhile, tried more than 15 air yards but gave up 54.8 yards per game. There is at least one deep reception every week. At each level, Washington’s lack gives Mooney a solid ground for fantasy purposes. Even on a limited volume he can be a WR3 for 6 weeks. Listen to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast
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