Analyst Opinion of the Day: Teleperformance, Aperam, Alfen, Richemont, Mercedes, Atlas Copco, Orsted…

Editor-in-Chief 1926 Follow on Financial news is hot like pastries and eaten at breakfast time, so Anthony Bondain wakes up early every morning to offer a morning meeting. A columnist and bold leader, he is the Editor-in-Chief of ZoneBourse. Find recommendations from analysts covering the main markets of the Old World each morning before the European market opens. This list only includes companies whose comments or target prices have changed or have been re-monitored. It is likely to be updated during the meeting. This information provides information about the movement of a particular stock or a company’s market sentiment. Alfen: Berenberg moves from holding to buying with a target of 125 euros. Aperam: AlphaValue lasts for a long time with target reduced from 49.60 to 43.80 EUR. Atlas Copco: Citigroup moves from hold to buy with a target of 155 SEK. Axactor: ABG initiates follow-up on purchases, targeting NOK 7.40. Azimut Holding: HSBC moves from buy to hold with a target of €22. Barry Callebaut: Stifel moves from buy to retain, aiming for 2100 CHF. Beazley: Jefferies has raised its price target from 670 GBp to 825 GBp. Coloplast: Jefferies raised their price target from 880DKK to 930DKK. Compagnie Financière Richemont: JP Morgan maintains Overweight while raising target price from 155 to 160 CHF. UBS maintained its Buy position while raising its target price from 135 CHF to 146 CHF. Credit Suisse: Jefferies should lower their target price to 4.40 to 3.80 CHF. Elior: Barclays moves from overweight online to underweight with a target of €2. Hikma Pharmaceuticals: Jefferies has been around for a long time, lowering its 2020 target price to 1930 GBp. Hunting: Jefferies will hold up for a long time with the target price raised from 330 GBp to 350 GBp. Interpump: Berenberg has raised its target price from €53 to €55. Interroll: UBS remains neutral with its target price reduced from 2720 to 2450 CHF. Kindred: Bernenberg has raised its price target from 113 SEK to 120 SEK. LEM Holding: Research Partners should raise their target price from 1800 to 2100 CHF. Mercedes: Jefferies has raised its target price from 63 euros to 68 euros. Orsted: Goldman Sachs moves from Buy to Neutral, targeting NOK 735. Pets at Home: Jefferies holds up for a long time, lowering its price target from 425 GBp to 385 GBp. Prysmian: Citigroup moves from Buy to Hold, targeting EUR 35.50. Salzgitter: DZ Bank needs to raise its target from 26 euros to 28 euros. Technip Energies: Exane BNP Paribas perform well in neutral. Telenet: Bernenberg maintains Buy, lowering its target price from €33 to €22. Teleperformance: AlphaValue holds for a long time with the target reduced from 399 to 335 EUR. Vat Group: Berenberg moves from buy to hold with a target of CHF 287. Vodafone: Jefferies should lower and maintain their target from 122 GBp to 100 GBp. 2022
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