Kyle Wright and the Braves bullpen closed the Phillies in an NLDS tied 3-0 win.

Kyle Wright has once again brought a stable presence to the Atlanta rotation. This time he came up with one of the best starts of the year the Braves needed most. That’s because his six shutout innings set the tone for the bullpen and helped Atlanta achieve a series tie 3-0 win over the Phillies. . The early part of the game gave our fans a classic nervous postseason pitcher duel. It’s usually turbulent in the regular season, but in the postseason, the drama element in these types of games increases by about a factor of 10. In a raucous arena floating on every pitch, Kyle Wright and Zack Wheeler responded to the opportunity to kick off. The Phillies entered the hits column first with a double goal. Wright was able to leave the run column empty by stranding him at third base. Meanwhile, Zack Wheeler had no major problems getting through Atlanta’s lineup. The star pitcher didn’t give up a hit (or any runner at the time) until the 4th inning, when Ronald Acuña Jr. threw a hit. Other than that, Braves couldn’t actually crack the code Wheeler used in the early stages of the game. Things finally started happening in the sixth inning, when the Braves made it possible both on the field and at bat. In Kyle Wright’s last inning of the night, Dansby Swanson helped end Wright’s big run by closing the innings by creating a fantastic overshoulder catch (!!!) from left center field. Cobb County has been alive and rocking since the catch, and the good vibes have continued after that. The clash came when Ronald Acuña Jr. was hit in the right elbow with two outs in the bottom of the sixth inning. Acuña suffered doubly for a few minutes and was definitely going to end the game. Surprisingly Acuña was able to stay in the game (and also finish the game) and what he did is good because the Braves allowed him to work on the main path of this frame. Dansby Swanson walked into first base on full count and Matt Olson set the stage for making something with the runner in a scoring position and two outs. Luckily, Olson was able to hit the ball hard enough to hit Rhys Hoskins’ glove and run towards right field. The Braves then continued playing small ball games over the next two at-bats. Austin Riley hit a soft dribbler at third base that Zack Wheeler could have defended. Unfortunately for the Phillies, he couldn’t do anything other than defend, so the Braves went up 2-0 in infield hits. It took Travis d’Arnaud to home base and he continued to hold the line when he hit second base over the mound and into the outfield, creating the Braves’ three-point lead at that point. The sixth was also Zack Wheeler’s last inning, and he left with the team by three runs. The match passed to the Atlanta bullpen in common hands. AJ Minter caught the ball in the 7th and managed to manage Philadelphia to put the team in the 8th. Minter was originally going to get another hitter in the eighth, but when Phillies manager Rob Thomson replaced Matt Vierling to replace Brandon Marsh, Brian Snitker responded by going ahead and fetching Raisel Iglesias. Iglesias got the job done with little to no issues in the 8th. He conceded just one run (limited to just one thanks to Eddie Rosario’s heads-up defensive play) and Austin Riley gave him the most likely defensive play of his career so far. Seriously, take a look at it and tell me if you’ve seen him do it better than that! Kenley Jansen hit the ninth on a save as the Braves could no longer get more hits into the ninth. Kenley got the first two outs with no problems at all, and the last out of the game actually became a problem after Travis d’Arnaud made the seemingly last out with a Bryce Harper foul. However, the referee determined that the ball had touched the screen behind home plate and it was a foul. Fortunately, Kenley Jansen struck out Bryce Harper, saved game by game, and went up the series, so we avoided a media discourse of continuing to discuss the play. Going straight to Philadelphia with the next two games in a hostile area isn’t ideal, but it’s better than having to win both road games to survive. Instead, Braves checked what the task was and got it done. Kyle Wright excelled in six innings, the defense has improved significantly (particularly Dansby Swanson and Austin Riley have been amazing) and the bullpen has once again reached the postseason standards we’re all used to as Braves fans. Overall, this was a very clear win for the Braves and now they need to win two more to get one step closer to the World Series iteration.
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