I met nice rallyman Nicolas Ciamin on Paul Ricard’s track to discover the Porsche Carrera Cup.

Nicolas, how were the extras for the Porsche Carrera Cup France decided? I know Sylvain Noël (Boss of the Nantes Racing Technology team, Editor’s Note) since 2014 who completed a few test labs in an old-gen GT3 cup on the Vigeant circuit. There we met at Zandvoort in June. Undoubtedly my winning of the Alpine Europa Cup gave him the idea. He wanted to play a young driver in this final and he thought of me here! Were you able to pick a few flying brands before getting to the heart of the matter this Thursday? I finished 10 laps on the sideline of the Porsche Sprint Challenge here last Sunday. And I went to a workshop earlier this week. Enough time to fine-tune my driving position and work on the simulator. They provided a video and some data for the two Var races last season. How to properly prepare. The temptation of the 911 GT3 Cup Type 992? I don’t think it’s very fun to use. A bit heavy and not agile. And she has a pretty strong reaction. Without ABS, the wheels are easily clogged when braking because there is no weight in front. I have already tried many race cars on the track and on the road. Sometimes I immediately feel very comfortable. Sometimes I know it’s not bad at first and can go quickly with a little rolling. And sometimes it’s complicated. There, I really lack the feel of this solid brake pedal with power steering. What’s preventing me from anticipating a response I know roughly where I am compared to the limit? At the wheel I fight a lot. Did you have any goals in mind at the start of the weekend? No, there is no specific target. I was well aware of the high standards of the French Cup. Those who fight for the title win the race in the Super Cup (the European Championships compete in the veil of Formula 1). Yesterday (Saturday) morning, at the end of the preliminary round, my position was not surprising (the 8th). On the other hand, I didn’t expect Pollman to allow 1”6 despite making a few small mistakes on my best run. A perfect rap would have ended at 1”1 or 1”2. It’s a lot. It’s hard to quantify if there’s clearly room for improvement in this car. Weekend results? Last night (this Saturday, 15th in race 1), a malfunction in the light bar ruined the takeoff. The other pilots are locked up. They think they should have ordered a second start. Then I feel, lack of confidence. The wheel lock will pull you straight on turn 3 and you will lose another 2-3 places. It’s not terrible. Today (this Sunday, 6th in Race 2), things started for the better. I avoid the turbulence of the first lap and pull the gap to the person behind me. Find consistency. I also bought a few things along the way. This is the correct result. His career as a driver began in 2014 on the circuit. Don’t you like to find this field of expression as often as possible? When the opportunity comes, I run right away. Track, I like it. And I love new experiences. Besides, I almost did it again at the Alpine Europa Cup in Monza just before Rally France last month. The project was halted because time was running out. When you have a priority, you shouldn’t do anything. Can we see them join the full trackside program next year? Even if Rally remains my favourite, it’s a possibility. I don’t close any doors. Especially since there are more possibilities and ease in the circuit. It depends on the assembly. At this time, we are not sure about the 2023 horizon. How will you approach the money time of the French Rally Championship? The title race is almost closed (2nd place with 32 points from leader Quentin Giordano before the final two rounds). So we aim to win at Montpellier (Critérium des Cévennes, 27-29 October) and Sainte-Maxime (Rallye du Var, 24-27 November). Attack hard without taking unnecessary risks. Our Hyundai i20 N Rally2 works a bit better when the grip is low. So we cross our fingers to find a wet path on both sides. Feeling frustrated? This season isn’t perfect. Not bad. You have to deal with young cars that are underdeveloped on asphalt. This situation forces us to always drive flat with no margin of safety. So the smallest slack or deviation pays cash. It’s not a good advertisement for cars or drivers. I’m used to it, but…

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