Ukrainian forces opened fire on a river crossing. Kherson Fortress

Kyiv, UKRAINE (AP) — Ukrainian forces have bombed Russian positions in the occupied and illicitly annexed southern Kersson region, targeting a resupply route across a major river. . Russian-settled officials are reported to have attempted to evacuate tens of thousands of residents while desperately trying to fortify the city of Kherson, a major target on both sides due to its major industry and major rivers and ports. According to the staff of the Ukrainian army, Moscow is moving to Kherson, one of the four provinces illegally annexed and under Russian martial law, to make up for losses and strengthen its front-line troops. Functions – traversing for supplies, military and civilians; drinking water in southern Ukraine and the annexed Crimea; and power generation from hydroelectric power plants. Most of the area, including the power plant and the canal that supplies water to the Crimea, is under Russian control. Kherson officials installed in the Kremlin say Ukrainian shelling across a ferry crossing the Dnieper has killed two journalists working for a local TV station they occupied. . At least two people were reported dead and 13 injured. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokeswoman for Ukrainian Operations Command Southern, said Ukrainian forces had attacked the Antonyvsky Bridge, but only checked during a night curfew by officials set up by Russia to avoid civilian casualties. We do not attack civilians and settlements,” Humeniuk told Ukrainian television. A previous Ukrainian attack made the Antonivskyi bridge inoperable, and Russian authorities installed ferry crossings and pontoon bridges, prompting Russian troops in Kherson to relocate civilians and transport supplies. Dnieper’s West Bank. Russian-settled officials are trying to evacuate up to 60,000 people from Kherson to ensure safety and allow the military to build fortifications. The Ukrainian military reported on Friday that the city’s infrastructure was collapsing and bank employees, health workers and teachers were relocating. “Today we are preparing the city of Kherson as a defensive fortress and we are ready to defend it to the end. Our mission is to save people, build defenses, and protect our city.” With a pre-war population of about 284,000, the city of Kherson was one of the first urban areas occupied by Russia when it invaded Ukraine and is still the largest city. Another flashpoint on the Dnieper River is the Kakhovka Dam, which creates a large reservoir and associated hydroelectric power plant about 70 km (44 miles) from the city of Kherson. Both sides accuse each other of targeting the facility. Russian-settled officials claim that Ukrainian forces are partially attacking the facility to cut off water supplies to Crimea. Water and flooding Kherson and dozens of other areas with hundreds of thousands of people. He said at the European Council on Thursday that Russia would condemn Ukraine. No claim can be independently verified. Russian President Vladimir Putin last month annexed Ukraine’s Kherson, Luhansk, Donetsk and Zaporizia regions. . Putin has declared martial law in the region from Thursday to assert Russian authority in the face of military setbacks and strong international criticism, Ukrainian Pavlo Kyrylenko said. Branch. Russian troops have not advanced into the city for over a month, and two Russian attacks on the capital of the recently reclaimed Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine have injured nine people, the government said. Ole Sinievov. Ukrainian authorities said Friday that a Russian S-300 missile attack injured three people and damaged residential buildings, schools and infrastructure in the city of Zaporichia. It will make us stronger. In an apparent effort to prevent hostilities from getting out of control, US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin made the first phone call since May 13 to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday. The Russians did not respond to US efforts to dial the number. Aircraft and troops deployed by Russia at Belarusian air bases have provoked the specter of another front on Ukraine’s northern border, but Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Friday. , then there will be no war.” The Ukrainian Army’s Chief of Staff reported that Belarus is likely to attack to cut off the supply routes of Western weapons and equipment. Such a buildup could also aim to divert Ukraine’s resources and weaken a counterattack from the south. Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “President Putin tried to start dialogue with NATO and the United States even before the Russian-style special military operation, which meant war in Ukraine.” It seemed that the Russian leader was “much softer and more open to negotiations.” ___Follow the AP report on the war in Ukraine:
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