Clemson vs. Syracuse Scores, Takeaway: 5th Tigers bench DJ Uiagalelei, home comeback against 14th Orange

Clemson at number 5 was more than just an addition to the Tigers’ win row to overcome four turnovers and quarterback changes and survive a 27-21 comeback from Syracuse at number 14. The victory marks Clemson’s 38th straight streak in Death Valley, breaking the previous record for longest streak at home in ACC history, run by Bobby Bowden’s Florida State program from 1995 to 2001. Including their game against Syracuse in 2018 – the Tigers haven’t lost at home since 2016. Beyond Clemson’s historic triumph, tough moments come for manager Dabo Swinney, who benched starting quarterback DJ Uiagalelei for true freshman Cade Klubnik. Uiagalelei took three of Clemson’s four turnovers (two interceptions and a lost fumble were 90 yards for a Syracuse touchdown) before being replaced by former 5-star prospect Klubnik from Austin, Texas, in the second half of the third quarter. returned). Klubnik was not under heavy workload by completing only two of his four pass attempts to 19 yards, but completed the pass behind the end zone on a two-point conversion and played a role in the running game as Clemson scored an outscore. They visit Orange 17-0 in the fourth quarter. Running back Will Shipley’s 50-yard breakaway goal was a turning point in the game and was part of a huge offensive performance as the Clemons Star threw 27 172 yards and two touchdowns, including the opening goal in the fourth quarter. The Tigers defense played a major role in maintaining the team’s college football playoff hopes. Orange limited their offensive touchdowns to just two in the first half, remained scoreless in the second half, and took a decisive interception in the second half of the fourth quarter. Succeed in the game. QB Garrett Shrader’s double-threat ability and running-back Sean Tucker’s explosive power kept Clemson’s defense in place throughout the first half. Despite Clemson’s defensive edge and Syracuse’s greed as a two-touch-down underdog, no story in this game is more important than what Swinney and the offensive staff decided to do in the quarterback position. Learn more from Clemson’s plans at quarterback and a thrilling win for the Tigers. Dabo said in QB that DJs are “our people.” Uiagalelei was on the bench and Clemson recently had a five-star freshman overtaking an incumbent starting pitcher at quarterback. Position, Swinney appears to be committed to Klubnik’s promotion with a part-time change. “Sometimes Steph Curry goes 2-2 at 25,” Swinney told ESPN after the game. “Your best player can sometimes have a bad day.” “He went out of rhythm, he played badly. We needed a change. We showed them that we had the guy we could come in. The DJ is our quarterback. There’s no doubt about that. . That’s our person. That’s our leader. We can use it right now. The DJ is our friend. He has to do better and he will do it. But what about Cade coming in and leading these guys?” The timing of this moment couldn’t have been better for Clemson. The Tigers now don’t have to turn around and get Uiagalelei back into action with Klubnik ready and somewhat proven in competitive time. Clemson will miss next week and will not return to action until November 5th to play Notre Dame in South Bend. Fighting Irish aren’t the top five teams many expect to come into the season, but they are a strong defense that can refer to Syracuse’s game plan for similar success against Uiagalelei. If turnover issues persist and this isn’t “Steph Curry off night,” Clemson has an extra week to plan a game featuring Klubnik. Either way, this vacation will be a reset after all potential quarterback debates have been put to rest and Uiagalelei’s worst performance of the year. Clemson’s pass rush wins the game. Officially they won the match by interception, but the whole second half was won as Clemson’s defensive lines absolutely feasted on the line of scrimmage. The Tigers recorded five sacks and nine tackles and received several holding penalties, putting Syracuse into a third long situation. As the match progressed, elite players at the forefront broke down Syracuse’s offensive line. Tyler Davis finished with 2 sacks, Bryan Bresee and KJ Henry scored 1 sack and Myles Murphy was all over the place though officially scoring only half a sack. The best Clemson team of the Swinney era had a high level of quarterback play, but was complemented by a defensive line that could be acquired late in the game. That’s what we saw in the second half against Syracuse on Saturday. And it looks like it will be a topic for the Tigers as they try to keep this undefeated state going to another College Football Playoff appearance. Syracuse’s New Year’s Six is ​​still in effect. Losing to ACC games, especially Clemson, may have deflected Syracuse from the ACC Atlantic competition. The Tigers must stop all their last conference games (both at home in Louisville and Miami) to get Orange to go to Charlotte to compete for the conference championship. But what’s still on the table is the Babers’ chance to lead Syracuse into the best ball game ever. Especially in a crucial one-on-one situation with Wake Forest, who remains on schedule. Demon Daecons, currently only one loss and in the top 15 of the AP Top 25, would be a potential candidate to make a New Year’s Six game if Clemson makes a CFP. If Orange can defeat the Demon Deacons on November 19 and maintain a one-loss record against the slates of Notre Dame, Pitt, Florida State and Boston College, they could challenge themselves in their biggest ball game since the 1999 Orange Bowl. .
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