Trump took another blow after election fraudster Kari Lake lost in Arizona.

Donald Trump took another blow Monday night after Republican Kari Lake lost the Arizona governorship election, the latest of the former president’s top nominees since last week’s midterm elections. As the polls closed, the Associated Press predicted that Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs would make Lake the first Democratic governor in 14 years. “Democracy is worth the wait,” Hobbs said, as she officially runs for president in 2024 and as the party fights over which way to go after Republicans in Washington and across the country have disappointing midterm elections. “Thank you, Arizona. I am honored and proud of your incoming governor.” A former local news anchor in Phoenix, Lake is the newest star in the Maga movement and has been one of Trump’s favorite candidates this cycle. The 2020 presidential election was “manipulated” and “stolen” from him. Lake did not acknowledge her election and instead tweeted, “Arizonas know BS when they see BS.” Since her election day, Lake has accused Arizona officials of “suppressing” the Republican vote. During her election, Lake said she would not have certified the 2020 election as her governor, she said, and she insisted on stopping the mail-in ballot. In a fierce battlefield for the 2024 presidential election, Lake is not the only election denier to lose in the midterm elections. Swing state voters overwhelmingly rejected candidates for state office, who denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election, according to up and down votes across the country. -a-Lago Resort. At the same time, Republican lawmakers on the Capitol are bustling ahead of the planned leadership elections that will determine the political future of both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, exposing Trump’s lasting impact on members. While Republicans emerged, they failed to gain control of the Senate in the process of securing a narrow majority in the House, which fell short of the expected “red wave” that would strengthen the party’s legislative power and favor Joe. Biden’s White House results also undermined McCarthy’s political ambitions, the highest-ranking Republican Congressman until recently believed to have been hammered by Nancy Pelosi to become Speaker of the House. But McCarthy is facing pressure from right-wing lawmakers in her party who want to ensure that California lawmakers will succumb to legislative priorities. Congressional elections for Republican leadership positions in the House of Representatives are scheduled for Tuesday, but Freedom Caucus lawmakers want the election to be delayed until it is clear that Republicans have retaken the House. Recommendation Meanwhile, Republican senators are set to hold their own leadership elections on Wednesday after failing to gain control of the senator in the midterm elections. Democrats officially secured another majority in the Senate over the weekend after incumbent Democrats Mark Kelly and Catherine Cortez Masto won in Arizona and Nevada respectively. Democrat Raphael Warnock vs Republican Herschel Walker in a runoff in Georgia. However, some Republican senators have proposed delaying the Senate leadership vote until the Georgia runoff, which could face challenges from lawmakers such as Florida Senator Rick Scott, who McConnell led the Republican midterm campaign. It has given rise to speculation that I’ve been splitting up with McConnell in recent months. Trump, seeking to regain the political spotlight after the loss of several of his own high-profile candidates in the midterm elections, has called on Scott to replace McConnell, who previously raised questions about “quality issues.” Trump approval rating. In his Sunday post on his Truth social platform, Trump said his midterm results were “Crazy Mae Cornell’s fault” and that “he messed up the midterms and everyone despised him.”
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