directly. F1 – American Grand Prix: Verstaffen overtakes Hamilton and Leclerc to lead

At 10:05 PM, Pierre Gasley receives a five-second penalty for not complying with the regulatory gap for less than ten vehicles between two two-seaters under the safety car. 10:03 Lap 31/56: Charles Leclerc finally defeated Sergio Pérez for 3rd place. At 9:54 PM, Max Verstappen resumed in much the same position as before. The result is the same. He is ahead of Hamilton and Pérez. 9:53pm Round 25/56: Race resumes. The 9:50pm race direction indicates that the incident between Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll will be investigated after the race. The 9:48 PM image shows that Fernando Alonso, who was about to overtake a Canadian in a straight line, moved very late and saw too late, and Lance Stroll made a small reflex movement in the same direction as the Spaniard who rolled the tire. Take off with two rear wheels in an Aston Martin. 9:47pm Tour 23/56: Fernando Alonso returned to the pit but Lance Stroll had to step down. 9:46 p.m. There is debris on the track and a safety vehicle is deployed. 9:45 pm 💥 The straight-line disaster involving Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll! At 9:43 PM Max Verstaffen started again early from his 18th corner and held his place well against Lewis Hamilton. 9:43 PM A new beginning is imminent. 9:42pm 🎥 Video error by Valterry Bottas Finn lost his back. 9:36pm Fernando Alonso, Esteban O’Con, Mick Schumacher, Kevin Magnussen and Alexander Albon also benefit. At 9:35 PM, Charles Leclerc took the opportunity to return to the pit. 9:34 Lap 18/56: Valtteri Bottas anchored to gravel and safety vehicles deployed. At 9:27 pm, George Russell also stopped the game with a five-second penalty kick and affected the suspension. 9:26 Lap 14 of 56: Max Verstappen explains Lewis Hamilton’s strategy and stops in turn. 9:25 Lap 13/56: Lewis Hamilton is the first to stop leader. 9:16pm 8/56 Lab: Pierre Gasly is off to a good start, just overtaking Lando Norris and is now in 8th place. At 9:14 pm Sergio Pérez lost part of his forewing after crashing his first lap with a Ferrari in Sainz. He is in fourth place. A penalty hard to get because the British couldn’t do much given the image of the 9:11pm departure. At 9:10 PM, the race management team decided to give George Russell a five-second penalty. From 9:09:12 p.m., Charles Leclerc rose to ninth place. 9:08pm Sebastian Vettel has a very good start and he is fifth. Lance Stroll also finished third behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. 9:06 p.m. Carlos Sainz’s retirement is confirmed. 9:05 pm The Spaniard was eaten by Max Verstappen from the start and visibly collided with George Russell between turns 1 and 2. 9:04 pm 💥 Sainz has already rotated! 9:01 PM 🔥 Let’s go warm-up rap. 21:00 19Ferrari must score at least 19 more points than Red Bull this Sunday to prevent Red Bull from becoming the Constructors Champion. 8:47 pm 🎥 Pierre Gassley was furious with his team on VIDEO. After being eliminated in the second quarter of the US Grand Prix, Pierre Gasley expressed his anger. The Frenchman had brake problems and made it clear to his team on the radio… 8:45 PM Sainz, Ocon and Gasly’s Pole, who miss each other at Austin Formula 1, head to the US after more rounds in Miami earlier this year. I’m back. . This time in Austin for the traditional American Grand Prix. On Saturday 22 October, Ferrari’s best time was recorded by Carlos Saines Jr. in the qualifying round. He is ahead of Charles Leclerc with short hair and Max Verstappen. French Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly missed each other. 8:40 PM Austria and the world of sports, and in memory of Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz, all appreciate his contribution to the economy and the world of sports. 8:35 pm Logan Sargent Williams’ choice to drive in 2023 Logan Sargent has chosen Williams to drive one of two single-seaters next season. On one condition: the American gets a super license. 8:25 pm The FIA ​​will create a spot specifically dedicated to young women The FIA ​​federation, the FIA, will launch a women’s series exclusively reserved for young female drivers aged 16 and over. She should be a new entry into the upper echelons of the field. 8:20pm This season, the McLaren team is an actual rolling advertising poster. For the American Grand Prix, McLaren will test Formula 1 innovation. A digital screen is installed in a single seat to broadcast advertisements. It’s no surprise that the UK team was the first to test the device. 8:08 pm After the Japanese Grand Prix’s catastrophic failure, the FIA ​​plans to introduce new measures The truck approaching Pierre Gasri. After extensive investigation, the organization will recognize the fault and take new action. 8:02 pm 🏎️ Welcome to the live stream of the US Formula 1 Grand Prix race. Starts at 9pm.
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