Official Porsche 911 Dakar

Modular ride height integrated into the chassis Dakar stands out from the “regular” version with a 50mm higher ride height that can be increased by another 30mm. Porsche claims a “high level” off-road mode, activated via the steering wheel’s rotation controller, provides ground clearance and acceleration angles comparable to some SUVs, but additionally this ground clearance is available at full speed. Off-road models are designed to maximize traction in low-grip situations, while another new Porsche mode called “Rally” directs more power to loose, uneven surfaces and to the rear axle. Both modes feature Rally Launch Control, which allows for 20% wheel slip for fast driving on loose surfaces and utilizes the bite provided by the Pirelli Scorpion 245/45 ZR19 and 295/40 ZR20. The Scorpions feature 9mm deep tread blocks and two carcass plies for durability in the dirt. Performance close to the GTSC Thanks to this cool off-road tire, Porsche had to apply the 240Km/240Km limit h, but anyway, that version’s purpose isn’t there. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo flat-six is ​​the heart of the 911 Carrera 4 GTS and delivers 480 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque via an eight-speed PDK transmission. Despite the all-wheel steering and dynamic engine mounts, the weight is very close to that of the GTS. Porsche replaces the power-operated rear spoiler with a fixed version, mounts a lightweight plastic hood reinforced with carbon from the GT3, and removes glass, bucket seats and rear seats altogether in exchange for heavier, more comfortable armchairs. The Dakar kit also includes red forged aluminum tow hooks, fender and rocker extensions, heavy-duty stainless steel body trim and mesh protective grilles on the air intakes to ensure safety. Do not confuse Dakar and RS. For a tidy sum of 26,000 euros (ouch), you can equip your 911 with the Rally Design pack developed by Porsche Manufaktur. The pack gets white and engine blue two-tone paint, red and gold stripes, white wheels, red taillight strips and Porsche’s trademark “Roughroads” lettering on the doors. The livery is reminiscent of the famous Rothmans embellishment of the 911 that won the Paris-Dakar in 1984. Unlike the standard car, the painted white rims and red taillight strip complete the distinctive look. Play a luxurious adventurer. It can hold up to 42 pounds of gear like spare gas, water bottles and shovels, and comes equipped with a ceiling light that runs off a dedicated 12 volt outlet so you can always play Baja racers when the sun goes down. You can order a roof tent to stay in until the sun rises, and even then, if you have the cash to spend, there’s always a Porsche Design Dakar Chronograph available in standard and rally design versions. They are already available to order at a price of 226,689 euros. It remains to be seen if owners will actually venture off-road, or if the ground clearance will only be used to better cross sidewalks in stylish neighborhoods.
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