Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes driver says Red Bull’s breach of the cost cap is ’emotional’ for Max Verstappen’s controversial title

Use the Chrome Browser for a More Accessible Video Player Lewis Hamilton believes the sentiment from last year’s championship results has recovered as the Red Bull cost cap violation is resolved. Lewis Hamilton believes the sentiment of last year’s championship results was rolled back when Red Bull’s breach of the cost cap was fixed It evoked a “feeling”. The eighth World Championship was rejected in controversial circumstances because Mercedes driver Hamilton, at an unprecedented appeal from race director Michael Masi, allowed Verstappen to take the lead on the last lap before winning the race and title. Hamilton considered withdrawing from the sport before returning in 2022 and ‘moving’ after the incident, but old wounds reopened when the Dutchman’s team was convicted of violating the sport’s budget cap in its first season of operation. acknowledge it. “I don’t need to have a lot of opinions because I’m not focused on that,” Hamilton said on Thursday ahead of the US Grand Prix this weekend. “It has happened to me in the past. I want to say that I left last year. And, of course, at this point in the season, this look is definitely touching for a lot of people, fans, and everyone. It collapsed at the end of last year and something happened on top of it.” Use your Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Sky Sports News’ Craig Slater provides fresh insight and analysis of F1’s cost caps ahead of a weekend that is sure to be a dramatic weekend at Texas Sky Sports. Craig Slater News provides fresh insight and analysis on this. With F1’s coast cap saga sure to be a dramatic weekend in Texas, with Verstappen winning the 2022 title and Red Bull set to end Mercedes’ eight-year constructors’ championship streak, rival teams are demanding significant penalties, arguing: . The 2021 offense has had an impact this season and will also be a factor. Without strong action, in 2023, the FIA ​​is said to have offered Red Bull a condition for “accepting the breach agreement” ahead of the US GP this weekend, and the team now has to decide whether to accept the offer or appear before a jury. . . . “I’m not the only one who can decide what this is,” Hamilton said. “For a more accessible video player, use the Chrome browser. Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz is Red among other Formula 1 teams due to ongoing cost cap issues. Ted Kravitz of Bull thinks there’s anxieties among the other Formula 1 teams over the Red Bull “Actually, the break will affect last year’s results, but it will affect this year as well” due to ongoing cost cap issues. crazy. Perhaps more often this season, he will continue to have an advantage this season because he would have resumed the same training. “If you started ahead of these new rules when they came out, closing the gap is very, very difficult. It boils down to integrity. We must adhere to our core values ​​of what this sport is. “We have to really believe that we have to trust the FIA ​​and the people who run this team, because we fined me 25,000 for that nose ring and 50,000 for the last use of that wing and kill in a race. They’ll make the right decisions. They’ll make the right decisions. They’ll have an opinion on what it is, everyone has an opinion on what should and shouldn’t happen, but I don’t give it energy and I’m just trying to win the race right now. Russell: Punishment is performance. Mercedes’ Hamilton teammate George Russell said the FIA’s decision would be a “classifier moment” for F1 and that a $100 million fine would not be a strong enough punishment. “I’m interested in what we all see. I think there is this. [the punishment] And it will be a watershed between sports and the FIA ​​for us to hear the consequences of this violation,” Russell said. “I think the cost cap has a real advantage and a positive impact on sports as we strive to bring about a level playing field. Use Chrome browser for more accessible video player George Russell thinks W-series champion Jamie Chadwick deserves a chance in F1 after winning her third W-Series title George Russell thinks W-series champion I think Jamie Chadwick deserves a chance in F1 after his third win W-Series Title “Up to this point we live in a tech world where there are small details where you get punished for going over the limit. If 100g of fuel is too much or the rear wing is too wide, like Luis in Brazil, you will be disqualified and punished accordingly. As for the money you spend, that’s a pretty serious crime. “If they overspend and bring performance to a race car, it must be taking performance away from them. It is not appropriate to impose a fine that has nothing to do with overall progress or performance,” he said. Even if it’s a billion dollars, you’ll probably accept it and be happy with the punishment, while talking about lowering the cost cap or reducing the time you can spend in the wind tunnel is a real loss.” In a tough fight against Red Bull in 2021, Bottas called for “strict and harsh punishment” from Red Bull Alfa Romeo driver Valterry Bottas, who was Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate, “the rules are the rules, and if you don’t follow them, it’s really painful.” There has to be a penalty.” “No one wants to max out a year and risk on a budget cap. Use the Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Max Verstappen says Red Bull has a cost limit Another team felt ‘hypocritical’ while allegations of exceeding the cost limit Max Verstappen felt the other team was ‘hypocritical’ amid allegations that Red Bull had exceeded its cost limit. “I hope it’s a good penalty that really hurts them because I fought last year,” he said. We had the constructors title, but we missed the driver title by a few points and millions can make a big, big difference. “Ferrari has been Red Bull’s closest contender this season, and their driver Carlos Sainz said the FIA ​​must make a decision that guarantees ‘fairness’. “I think every team and every driver wants clarity first and fairness next,” Sainz said. “We all have no idea how much a million can bring to the evolution and speed of cars in F1. Use Chrome browser for more accessible video player Carlos Sainz said it was a “huge effort” to meet budget limits and should be “respected” Carlos Sainz said was a “huge effort” to respect budget limits and ” So just a few years ago, all the top teams spent $350 million, and now they’re spending $150 million on controlling these things. I just hope the fines are relatively large enough to quench the appetite of wasting $2-3 million on cars. Then you get a penalty for that. “I just think that playing should be fair to everyone, and if there is a cost cap, it should be respected and I just want the FIA ​​to make the right decision so that everyone respects him.”
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