Putin says there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Biden questions claims

Russia, rate freeze, cuts end for months MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russia’s central bank cut its key rate by 300 basis points, the third rate since an emergency hike in late February to cool inflation and recover the ruble.KIRILL Kudryavtsev | AFP | Getty ImagesRussia’s central bank kept interest rates unchanged at 7.5%, citing inflation expectations and prolonged conflict and geopolitical uncertainty over the “partial mobilization” of Russian troops in Ukraine. Cutting started in April. Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine to counter the ruble depreciation, the central bank more than doubled interest rates to 20%. The central bank has since cut interest rates six times, keeping the pre-war rate at 9.5% until June, citing improved fiscal conditions and lower inflation. Inflation is still at 13.7% in September, well above the bank’s 4% target, but has fallen sharply from its 20-year high of 20.37% in April as Western sanctions and currency freezes began. Most analysts interviewed by Reuters expected a rate of 7.5%, the news agency reported.— Natasha TurakU.S. Denying Russia’s Claim that Russia Aids Ukraine’s Bioweapons State State Linda Thomas-Greenfield argued that Russia was “trying to distract attention from the atrocities committed in Ukraine,” claiming “Ukraine has no biological weapons program and the United States has no biological weapons program.” Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas-Greenfield said that Russia would launch an investigation into alleged violations of the arms treaty between the United States and Ukraine. Sara Silviger | Reuters US President Joe Biden is skeptical about claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no need or intention to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine in a recent speech. “Ability to use tactical nuclear weapons?” Biden said in an interview with NewsNation. “The way he approaches this issue is very dangerous,” Putin said in a speech on Thursday. He said Moscow was only responding to “nuclear threats” from the West, but Putin and other senior Kremlin officials said Russia was ready to use any means, including nuclear weapons, to protect its territory. Russia’s completeness as understood to contain Ukraine’s illegally annexed territory.— Natasha Turak Putin said it was ‘not necessary’ and ‘meaningless’ to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. The term “Russia” was taken by observers to mean nuclear weapons, but the president said in a recent speech that it was only a response to the “nuclear threat” of Western leaders. Sputnik | Reuters (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin has poured cold water on claims that Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, despite repeatedly reiterating his ability to use nuclear weapons if Russia’s “territorial integrity” is threatened. “I don’t think there is a need,” Putin said at a meeting of foreign policy experts on the same day. Putin had previously pledged to “use all possible means to protect Russia”, but in a recent speech, Putin said it meant only nuclear weapons. He made particular mention of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’ comments in August that he was prepared to use nuclear weapons as a leader in response to “nuclear threats” from Western leaders. The British Ministry of Defense said there is a possibility that Russia will mobilize a reserve force mobilized to build up a force west of the Dnipro River in Ukraine. In September 2022, Russian officers explained that companies in the Kherson region consisted of six to eight people each. The company should have about 100 employees,” the Pentagon tweeted. “In the past six weeks there has been a clear move by Russian ground forces to shift to a long-term defensive posture in most of Ukraine’s front lines,” the ministry said. “It’s very likely,” he said. “Ukraine’s severely understaffed and poorly trained units are currently only capable of conducting defensive operations.” Continuing, “Even if Russia succeeds in integrating a long line of defense in Ukraine, its operational design will remain vulnerable.” – Natasha Turak IAEA inspectors will continue. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Mariano Grosi arrives shortly to inspect a Ukrainian facility after alleged Russian ‘dirty bombs’ during a briefing in Kyiv, Ukraine on October 13, 2022 (Photo by Maxym Marusenko/ NurPhoto via Getty Images) Nufoto | Getty ImagesIAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi said investigators will arrive in Ukraine this week following Russian allegations that Kyiv is preparing to use “dirty bombs”. Grossi told reporters: “We had a very comprehensive discussion with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleva on this matter. He came to a conclusion and agrees that the best way to dispel any doubt is to allow inspectors and this is what we are going to do. “He said. At the United Nations. Grosi added that it would take only a few days to conduct the inspection. The US and its allies have dismissed Russia’s claims that Ukraine is assembling a ‘dirty bomb’—Amanda Masias’ This meeting is a waste. “Everyone’s time,” the US ambassador to the UN condemned Russia’s attempts to disinform. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the United Nations, speaks after meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the United Nations in February. January 25, 2021 New York City.Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images United States ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told her colleagues ahead of a UN Security Council meeting that she would shorten her remarks because “to be honest, this meeting is a waste of everyone’s time.” Thomas-Greenfield recently referred to claims in Moscow that Kyiv had biological weapons, which she said was pure manipulation without any evidence. “We hear Russia warn that biological weapons will be delivered by birds and bats and now even mosquitoes. It will be birds and bats,” she said, calling Russia’s claim “absurd.” On the continent of Europe and on Ukraine itself, like any other country,” said Thomas-Greenfield.— Amanda Macias Read CNBC’s previous live coverage here.
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