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New York CNN Business — “Saturday Night Live” kicked off this week’s episode of one of the most notable moments in recent news: the House Choice Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 uprising. Kennan Thompson as Congressman. Bennie Thompson gave an NBC variety show introducing the crowd to the committee’s ninth and final hearing. “January 6 was one of the most dramatic and important moments in our country’s history,” said Bennie Thompson of Thompson, “so to counter that, we put together a team of monotonous geeks to create PowerPoint,” said Bennie Thompson of Thompson. He then said the commission had been investigating the attack for over a year, but this session would be “a little different.” Thompson’s Bennie Thompson said, “Only after we summarize our findings and vote to make history will we all get a bit of a treat.” After this introduction, Assemblyman Liz Cheney, played by Heidi Gardner, took his place. “Over the past few months, this bipartisan committee has made our case known to all Americans,” she said. “Whether you’re a Republican who doesn’t watch or a Democrat who nods, it is Donald Trump who is responsible for this uprising. And I am the one who will suffer the consequences.” Gardner’s Cheney said her audience might be wondering what’s bothering her so much. And she said to the audience, “Who’s your daddy? Dick Cheney?” “Yeah, I guess I could say that Dick Cheney has a lot of energy,” she said, then the committee came up in the bunker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, played by Chloe Fineman, and Senate Majority Leader, played by Sarah Sherman. We reviewed some evidence, including a video by Chuck Schumer: “Hey, Doordash? This is Chuck Schumer,” Sherman’s Schumer said over the phone from the bunker. “Yes, I haven’t received my lunch order yet. And because of the tragic treason, we changed our drop off location and should have arrived by now.” The committee then moved on to evidence asking many if then-President Donald Trump had lost the election, and a White House official said he had actually lost the election. Trump even bit a dog that shakes a dead dog from side to side. “Donald was desperate to come to power,” the congressman said. said Adam Kinzinger, played by Andrew Dismukes. “The real heroes like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were the ones who actually ran this country. It was then immediately interrupted by Sherman’s Schumer and Feynman’s Pelosi talking to then Vice President Mike Pence. “If Trump comes here now, he’s going to slap him in the face,” Feinman’s chairman Pelosi said. “I will go to jail, but I will be happy.” Thompson’s Bennie Thompson then asked Gardner’s Cheney for final thoughts. “The truth is, Trump was planning to declare victory regardless of the outcome,” she said. “Look at this video of the president the day before the election.” The released video showed James Austin Johnson, who plays Trump, saying, “The votes don’t matter.” “What is voting?” he said The committee then voted to recall Trump. They all agreed and thought he would actually show up. As Bennie Thompson of Thompson said, “Okay, you can already see that this is a complete zero.” “I would like to thank my colleagues who have spent the summer and in some cases have made their careers to work on this committee.” “It’s been a fun country,” he added. After that, the show’s signature phrase, “Live… from New York! It’s Saturday night!”

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