Mercedes: New OS in 2024

3D screen, 21st century V12? In 2019, Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener declared that digital interfaces are a new battlefield for the automotive industry. The gradual and planned death of automobiles and internal combustion engines, the focus of manufacturers and the new automobile public, is shifting from the pure power of vehicles to digital experiences. Moreover, it is now clear that almost any manufacturer can publish an electric motor with an output of 300 hp, 500 hp or more. (The F40’s 478 horsepower, any purist knows) In the new world of electric propulsion, it’s becoming almost embarrassingly commonplace. The new battlefield is no longer made up of displacement, valves, stroke and bore or compression ratios, but interfaces, 3D, applications. While Volkswagen spurs its own OS development, Mercedes-Benz will show its leadership by introducing a new operating system to its model year 2024. The MBUX infotainment platform used by all existing Mercedes-Benz models was developed by Unity Technologies, well-known for the world of connected devices and smartphones, because Unity Technologies, an expert in real-time 3D shapes, supplies a large part of mobile. It has grown in the gaming market thanks to its “Unity Engine” graphics engine, which has the advantage of multi-support, i.e. compatibility with the current operation of any system. It is also a leader in augmented and virtual reality technologies. Mercedes-Benz designers use Unity Industrial Collection, a complex 3D product visualization software package, to design user interfaces and user experiences for digital cockpits, including instrument cluster, infotainment and passenger screens. Digital Ecosystem Unity’s operating system connects all Mercedes do. – Mercedes-Benz vehicles move to the cloud and Internet of Things and cover four main areas: powertrain, autonomous driving, infotainment and systems body and comfort. “Through our own operating system, we want to achieve three key goals: creating a user interface according to a luxury brand, creating two-way communication with our customers and integrating the digital lifestyle of our customers into the vehicle realm,” said Mercedes’ Chief Software. Officer Magnus Östberg The new Mercedes-Benz operating system includes audio and video streaming in addition to immersive gaming and messaging apps. It also provides a rich augmented reality experience and uses artificial intelligence to adjust vehicle settings based on the owner’s habits and preferences. The system first appeared on the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept and features complex real-time 3D graphics. Unity’s Dave Rhodes described the types of cars that passengers could ride in five years. Vehicles that do not focus on driving or avoid hitting trees or other vehicles. For example, it will focus on combining digital experiences indoors as well as connecting with the real world in a way that makes car travel fun and educational.” It’s still about cars…

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