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As we have done in the past, the key to the Pittsburgh Steelers is winning (or losing) the match today. There are three things that have to happen for them to end up on the right side of the score today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and vice versa. My predictions are at the bottom. The STEELERS WILL WIN IF … 1. Attack Hit (Multiple) Double Explosion Play The reason we start here is that “Divine Intervention” was not allowed to be placed on this side of the ledger. Historical underdogs like Pittsburgh win when they can hit chunk play and shake the flow of the game. And we need the Steelers this weekend. Problem? It hasn’t happened all year. As Dave Bryan noted, Pittsburgh’s offense didn’t run more than 20 yards and didn’t complete more than 40 yards. Unless Tom Brady does six interceptions, the Steelers can’t win this game without changing this number. A 60-yard touchdown is required in this case. At least the secondary in Tampa Bay was a bit battered. The same goes for Buffalo and Steelers, of course. divine intervention? 2. The defense is strengthened in the red zone Contextual balls are always the name of the game, but here they are doubly important. Tom Brady will move the ball. Always, always will. You just have to accept that reality. The goal is to keep the drive towards the field goal, not the touchdown. That means defending the center of the field on dry posts and in-cuts when Tampa Bay gets in the top 20. This is an obvious but important point. Tampa’s Red Zone offense is only average this year, so it’s not a particularly strong point. 3. Malik Reed Proves His Worth TJ Watt isn’t there yet. And now there is no DeMarvin Leal either. From week two, Pittsburgh relied heavily on a 3-3-5 defense, using Leal as a standup rush end, along with moving him a lot along the Steelers’ frontline. especially Leal; With the injury occurring later in the week, he will play a more traditional package which means more leads. With just six presses and no sacks throughout the season, the lead was overwhelming. He’s had a tough game against Tristian Wirfs, but Reed will be a player who needs to step up. This charge should protect your depleted support. Steeler loses if: 1. It was a little easier for LBs Devin White and Lavonte David to make a free run “lost” list. My biggest concern is that the Steelers have to control the big nose tackle Vita Vea. As Mike Tomlin said on Tuesday, you need “your hands” to stop him. Means a double team block. It raises questions. How do you approach linebackers? Tampa Bay has two great players, White and Davis. Both players literally never leave the pitch and are playing 100% of their defensive snaps, and Pittsburgh has done a bad job already moving up to second level this year. I’m not sure how Pittsburgh figured this out, and if they can’t, the running game won’t get traction. 2. Mike Evans can’t stop. The Bucs’ #1 threat, Evans has been a big money maker this year. He’s only had 20 receptions, but he’s averaging 16 yards per catch and 3 touchdowns. He is the one who can take over the game. Pittsburgh are missing the top three corners in this match and should play with Josh Jackson/James Pierre or whoever the Steelers run. Are these people tall but talented? It will be a challenge. 3. Pittsburgh Runs Of Bullets Steelers will have to go to every Die Hard and use a helicopter. Because all the bullets are gone. Injuries are bad enough. However, instead of pure talent, Pittsburgh compensated by offering a diverse group of looks and personnel to win the whiteboard. Mix and match for personnel, cycle coverage, use everyone available for a variety of wires and coverage. However, as this group is depleted, new ideas may be scarce. And it will ruin them because they just don’t have the talent to win. Prediction Buccaneer: 27 Steelers: 13 Season Prediction Records 1-4
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