F1-GP Mexico: Mercedes has no shortage of regrets

Here’s how the drivers reacted after qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen (Red Bull) dominated ahead of the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen (PBS/Red Bull Racing) – Pole Position “Qualifying was good. It was tight, but I think I made good adjustments after the PR3. The pace was better in qualifying. It’s amazing to be here at the poles. Of course, the distance to turn 1 is very far, so you will need a good start. I think there are competitive cars and that is the most important thing. » George Russell (GBR/Mercedes) – 2nd place « The team deserves better today (Saturday). She produced a really great car this weekend, and I think that’s a testament to all the hard work that went into it over the years. Last week Lewis (Hamilton) demonstrated what the car could do. I think we had poles in our hands and I blame myself because I had terrible knees. But at the end of the day, I don’t score points in qualifying and I’m happy to be back on the front row. » Lewis Hamilton (GBR/Mercedes) – 3rd « Unfortunately, I was able to get 2nd on the first lap, but it wasn’t enough. The Red Bulls were too strong. But it was very good and I am very proud of the team. This season’s best qualification. Thank you to everyone here and at the factory for showing that patience is the best way forward. Overall my rap was good. The last lap wasn’t enough and I had more time to get out, but I’m happy with the starting position. » Sergio Perez (MEX/Red Bull Racing) – 4th « It was very unfortunate. There were electrical issues throughout qualifying. With DRS I had issues with placement and had small issues with the board. It was important to make sure everything was in order, but it was very difficult as I was blind during qualifying, had no reference lap times, and occasionally no brake balance information. Looking back at my qualifying, I almost got knocked out of Q1 and Q2 because of that, so 4th isn’t the end of the world, but today I really believed we could fight for pole position with my car. » Carlos Sainz Jr (ESP/Ferrari) – 5th « We fought the car so many times, we almost knocked it over each lap. Today was particularly difficult to get through curbs and bumps, which meant it was difficult to complete clean laps. If I had pointed out the fields I was good at to the end, I would have ranked in the top 3 in terms of performance, but it was almost impossible. The race will be tough, but the car will be more reliable with fuel. We’ll see what we can do against Mercedes and Red Bull. Charles Leclerc (MCO/Ferrari) – 7th “It’s definitely something wrong with the engine. It was very strange. We were losing a lot of time on the straights, and not just compared to the Red Bulls and Mercedes that have been there since the weekend started. And it wasn’t just on straights, there was throttle pick-up even in fast corners, and the engine didn’t respond to anything I was doing with the throttle. It’s wrong and I hope we can change it. Otherwise it will be a very complicated competition. I honestly don’t know. Mercedes and Red Bulls are well ahead this weekend and it won’t be easy. But it would be easier if the car was drivable and responsive to what I was doing. Esteban Okon (FRA/Alpine) – 10th place “Fernando (Alonso) and I have always finished in the top 10, which is our minimum goal, which can be described as a good overall result for the team in these qualifications. After strong Q1 and Q2, there was a bit more work left to do in Q3, but we were able to maximize the potential of the car. Nevertheless, we are all close to each other and fighting for points. We know the battle tomorrow will be tough. We will have to do our best as a team to get the good points. But I know we are prepared for all contingencies. ” Pierre Gasly (FRA/AlphaTauri) – 14th “It wasn’t a good qualifier. We were fighting Valtteri (Bottas) at EL1 and there we are 9/10 behind. Unfortunately, the problem started this morning. I couldn’t find a solution for qualifying. I hope you do better in the race. I don’t understand how we are so far out of the peloton compared to normal. I have to prepare well, and usually it’s a race with only one pit stop, so I’ll try my best, and I hope I do something. »
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