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In 2022, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus celebrates its 25th anniversary. It was in 1997 that a prototype of this model was presented at the UITP conference in Stuttgart. This model succeeds the O 405 family, which was born in 1984. This model offers notable novelties such as the wider position of the front wind vanes, larger glazing and a new driving position. A total of more than 60,000 copies were produced over 25 years, including 32,000 copies of the first generation (until 2011). The Citaro has been named Bus of the Year several times. The final honor was awarded to the Citaro Hybrid in September 2018. Over 60,000 Vehicles in 25 Years – We Celebrate @MercedesBenz #Citaro & #eCitaro Lessons on Eco-friendliness, Safety & Comfort 👉— Daimler Truck AG (@DaimlerTruck) July 11, 2022 Flagship model of the French fleet. France’s first Citaro bus (excluding demonstration vehicles) was registered in early 1999. In total, Evobus France has delivered nearly 7,500 vehicles to France, including overseas departments and regions. Most of these buses circulating in France were assembled in a French factory in Ligny-en-Barrois (Meuse). Facing competition from French models (Heuliez Bus GX317 and Renault Agora), the Citaro’s debut was difficult in France. However, sales have increased year by year. As of 2007, more than 200 Citaro buses were sold annually. Registrations recorded in France from 2012 to 2018 averaged 500 units. RTM (Marseille) has ordered more than 700 Citaro from 2000 to 2022. This executive is the largest customer in France for this bus model. Some Citaros have been revamped and replaced with others of the latest generation. In Ile-de-France, Optile news agencies (Keolis, Transdev, Lacroix, etc.) have ordered more than 2,000 Citaro. RATP delivered nearly 500 from 2002 to 2015. In the provinces there are networks in Saint-Etienne, Brest, Le Havre, Tours, Metz, Rennes, Epinal, Rouen, Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Nazaire and ChambĂ©ry. …also works many examples of this model. Outside mainland France, Citaro vehicles cycle between RĂ©union (Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre) and Martinique (Fort-de-France). From 2016, a version running on natural gas allowed Citaro buses to arrive on public transport networks unbranded by Mercedes-Benz, such as Le Mans, Poitiers, Toulouse or Caen. Referring to UGAP, this model was purchased by the Ministry of Defense for defense bases in 2015. It is also used by businesses to perform internal shuttles on large industrial sites. It can also be seen from the runways of Orly and Roissy-CDG airports. In Lourdes, HospitalitĂ© Notre-Dame de Lourdes uses three specially equipped Citaro buses to transport sick and disabled people from the airport. In the Alps, Citaro buses dominate ski bus service. 10 to 18 meters There are many examples of Citaro in circulation in France. The bus comes in several templates (short 10.6 meters, standard 12 or 13 meters, 15 meters long, 3 axles, articulated 18 meters), number of doors from 2 to 4, two types of tall floors, many options and a variety of engines: Diesel, diesel-electric hybrid, natural gas, gas-electric hybrid and electric with batteries. Some cars are approved for Class 2 (coaches), especially in ĂŽle-de-France and Bouches-du-RhĂ´ne. Ongoing development: towards zero emissions Buses have come a long way in 25 years. Adapted to tightening standards related to pollutant emissions (Euro 2 to Euro VI – Stage e), dimensions (walkways up to 2.55 m wide) or the addition of safety devices. Since 2018, Daimler Buses has been selling a battery electric version, the eCitaro. More recently, range extenders have been made available as an option. A fuel cell powered by hydrogen can cover more kilometers. Stored Citaro Buses Several Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses are located in Association Park, which ensures the preservation of old buses and coaches. It is a 12-meter unit assembled from 1999 to 2005. The Omnibus Nantes Association added the 2003 Citaro to its fleet. In 18 years, the bus has covered more than 990,000 km on the lines of the Nantes TAN network. The first Citaro on the TAN network, the Mercedes O 530 Citaro n°7031, is now a historic car preserved by Omnibus Nantes! More info here: @nantesfr @NantesMetropole @transdevFR pic. twitter .com/1sizjpTNzy — Omnibus Nantes (@omnibusnantes) November 13, 2022 See photo library for an overview of Citaro distributed in France. More information:

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