Mercedes, or almost anything else, is going crazy with this electric van equipped with a refrigerator and two charging ports.

Mercedes has partnered with Chinese giant BYD to develop electric minivans. For the time being, the first copies aimed at the Chinese market left the production line. BYD has just arrived in Europe and has already been working with European brands for a while while the Chinese company is presenting its range at the Paris Motor Show. In fact, since 2010, the Chinese giant has been working with Mercedes as part of a joint venture called Denza. After that, several models appeared, but without great success. Star Builders decided to leave 90% of control to BYD. If the German brand prefers to focus on the development of their EQ suite in China, they don’t throw a towel. Therefore, the new model Mercedes continues to work with BYD, and a joint venture created by the two partners has resulted in a new electric minivan called the D9 MPV. Launched last August, it has just left the assembly line and will start shipping first soon. A competitor to the Zeekr 009 with a screen on the door. According to the CNEVPost site, 10,000 copies had to be produced by December. This new model, co-developed by Mercedes, has nothing to show but adopts a very aggressive style. With a length of 5.25m and a wheelbase of 3.11m, it can accommodate 4-7 people. Pandaily explains that the tailgate can be opened remotely up to 8 meters. The presentation inside is rather classic, and the minivan is equipped with a large 17.3-inch touch screen connected to an LCD digital handset with no diagonal communication. The vehicle also has a head-up display and a screen installed behind the seats for rear passengers. A total of seven will be deployed in driving positions while cameras are installed in vehicles for monitoring children or video conferencing, according to Automotive News China. The D9 MPV comes with a mini-fridge between the front seats, ventilated, heated and massage seats and an inductive charging system. Several versions of this D9 MPV, in rechargeable and electric hybrids, are available to customers as hybrids, but especially in electric. The latter packs a 103kW BYD LFP (blade) battery and then claims a range of 620km per NEDC cycle, which is far more optimistic than WLTP. Based on BYD’s e-Platform 3.0 platform, this electric variant is also equipped with a heat pump to reduce energy consumption when heating is in operation. With a power of 166 kW, it takes 15 minutes to recover 230 km. Performance is improved, especially thanks to the market first having two charging ports. General Motors (GM) is also known to be working on a similar device, but it is currently still in the patent stage. It is also important to note that the minivan is equipped with a Level 2 autonomous driving system that works thanks to 24 sensors distributed around the vehicle, including 12 ultrasonic radars. Driver-free parking features and a “Find My Car” system that automatically registers the vehicle’s location when parked are also available. Price and availability The entry-level version with a hybrid engine starts at 329,800 yuan (about 46,506 euros) in China, while the electric model ranges from 389,800 yuan (about 54,967 euros) to 459,800 yuan (about 64,838 euros). Currently, this electric minivan is not planned for Europe. Chinese brand Zeekr, a subsidiary of the Geely group, has unveiled the interior of its futuristic electric van 009. And this will be a very luxurious vehicle.Learn more Download the Android application and iOS to follow us. . You can read articles, files and watch the latest YouTube videos.
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