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November 14, 2022 Walid Bouarab XXL size, with a huge penalty to lower the already very high price, the GLS is not out of date these days. Especially since Mercedes launched the all-new EQS SUV, a 100% electric vehicle alternative. It remains a fact that it’s hard to do better to have enough space and go far in royal comfort and trudge if necessary. First Class Escape This second-generation GLS sold in 2019 and tells a lot about our favorite neighborhoods at our production location in Alabama. Price, size and service: Large SUVs with stars are primarily aimed at the US or China. With us it’s hard to prefer over GLE, which is about 25,000 euros cheaper and offers almost the same cabin (but definitely fewer seats) and similar service. This SUV that corresponds to the S-Class uses all attributes, especially the diesel engine. There’s nothing extravagant about moving 2.5 tons of this big Teutonic with its smooth six-person lines and huge torque like a good cream pot. It knows how to transmit power with a smooth progression and suppress rattles and vibrations. It is a matter that never disturbs the serenity that reigns on board. The spacious, impeccably-dressed interior is more clinical than really warm. For extra glamor and glint, you should switch to the studded Maybach version. Here, our 400d is more convinced of the modernity of the layout and place than the ergonomics that require real-time adaptation. . The second row only offers classic bench seats on this model, but remains the place of choice for business travel. Finally, the third row comfortably seats two adults. Legroom isn’t crazy, but it seldom travels so well in the trunk. The cargo area has been reduced to 350 liters in this configuration (almost 900 liters in the 5-seater version!) © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes- Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz © Mercedes-Benz More photos Law of Attraction On the other hand, predictable It is not surprising that there are. Although this Mercedes GLS has come a long way over the first generation, it left a big part in saying that it’s better not to rush on the road. After all, the feeling of complete isolation from the outside world and what’s happening there doesn’t encourage you to push the beast away. The GLS is appreciated more for its Magic Carpet side than its very limited capacity to turn on the road. Obviously it has to do with the setup, but the weight of over 2.5 tons shown here is even more soothing in the heat. Even if our model lacks an E- in our tests, it’s good to rely on the peace of mind balance shown. Active body control suspension. It’s an amazing technique for balancing body roll by tilting the GLS into the curve (similar to a motorcycle). It’s actually a trick that gives you extra agility but feels very unnatural. It is this suspension that, along with the Off-Road Pack, allows the GLS to showcase its incredible franchise talent. Not enough to worry the Range Rover family yet, but enough to provide a sense of escape without losing the business-class approach of this GLS. Not to mention the AMG or Maybach versions, a true debauchery of luxury and power at the same price as the XXL, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is already a great product. And for good reason, the price doesn’t drop below €100,000, and while it struggles to justify the extra cost compared to the technically very similar GLE, it’s not practical. This GLS 400d starts at over 110,000 euros (with a fine of over 36,000 euros added to it), and the more well-equipped BMW X7 is 5,000 euros cheaper. The starred SUV complements this with generous standard equipment with leather upholstery, a sunroof, driving aids, numerous USB ports and more as standard. This still forces you to think of it as a 100% electric EQS ​​SUV model, but with promising autonomy. Remember, obviously not suitable for our market, but the Mercedes GLS is still a delicacy. The XXL size offers a cabin that’s as spacious as it is luxurious, a ride that’s hearty and well-equipped that knows how to get out of reach. But, at least in this 400d version, it doesn’t offer the dynamism or refinement of a Range Rover. Comfort, comfortable interior, onboard technology Size, weight, uninvited 400d version Latest MERCEDES test MERCEDES C 220 d 4Matic All-Terrain MERCEDES AMG SL63 MERCEDES EQE 350 All MERCEDES tests Owner comments Comments
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