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Walid Bouarab on 10/21/2022 The new Mercedes SL gets real sports stripes. And for good reason, AMG himself was responsible for the development. As a result, the Cabriolet is still luxurious and technical, but this time it can be compared to the best sports cars. One of the best crew. Variant Released in the 1950s, the SL is perhaps one of Mercedes’ most iconic models. Two letters that contributed to the glory of the brand in competition and became a model for meaning – Sport Leicht – and therefore sport and lightness. However, over the decades, models have evolved in a more luxurious direction and have grown in scale… It is a betrayal of the original philosophy that the last generation was not convinced by neither sportiness nor design. The lines and the slightly clumsy dynamic motion disappointed amateurs of the early concept. A generation that had remained in the catalog for more than a decade and had to coexist with the Mercedes-AMG GT (also available as a roadster), where possible replacements were inexpensive. The latter has finally left the German catalog and the SL has been altered this year to make it even more appetizing in this new generation (R231). First-class appearance The typical Mercedes vibe in the cabin has a small impact. Turbine-shaped vents, an advanced multi-spoke steering wheel with touch controls, demonstrating ambient lighting and a huge 11.9-inch central screen that can recline electrically. A rather practical novelty to avoid reflections after the hood is folded. This canvas also goes back to basics and replaces a heavy retractable hardtop. The soft top folds down in just 15 seconds and can reach up to 60 km/h, and the German roadster has also been transformed into a 2+2 for increased versatility. ..the quality of manufacture is top notch and the driving posture is ideal, but the size of the beautiful beast is not easy to understand, but frankly there is a small problem with complex ergonomics. Between the inconvenient touch buttons on the steering wheel or the controls on the soft top operated via the touch screen, the SL plays a bit too ‘all-digital’. The biggest change in this new SL-Class is development. If the previous generation existed in the AMG version, here the wizards of Mercedes’ sports department are at the very root of the model. And that changes everything. The SL is based on a new platform for innovative running gear (which should be used in the next-gen GT) and still houses a massive V8 under the bonnet (there is also a 43 version of the four-cylinder 381hp). Also for the first time, a German sports car will receive front-wheel drive. In the documentation, this means that weight and motion can be neutralized by torque distribution. It’s actually something entirely different, and this new SL has nothing to do with the rather clumsy dragster of the previous generation anymore. Sport, head in the clouds Fortunately, the German developers have kept all the charm of the V8 house. This 4.0 biturbo develops 585hp and 800Nm of torque! It is impressive to pick up the driver and put it in front of the weight of a car that weighs more than two tons. Despite all that, the propulsion is still impressive and you get to the bottom of the seat quickly with enough support. A real rocket can easily exceed 300 km/h. It also does so with the typical AMG, throaty, outboard-like sound. But there are nuances as well, with sharper treble, counter-effects when decelerating, and a fun turbo-discharge hissing. live! But this Mercedes-AMG SL63 now knows how to do more than just run fast in a straight line. Transformed by the evolution of the AMG division, this convertible impresses with its dynamic movement. The front axle is willing to throw the ropes, the understeer is pushed very far back, and the stability of the support is impressive. The SL launches an innovative anti-roll system as there are no crossbars. Each damper in communication with the other dampers can change pressure to maintain a constant posture. The system adapts to driving modes and coatings, giving these machines vicious efficiencies. The SL skillfully makes people forget about weight and reveals agility never seen in the model. The all-wheel drive certainly calms the once quirky rear axle, but the torque distribution promotes propulsion. To bring a certain homogeneity to the whole without blunting the experience. Clearly, a drift mode that can facilitate drift (available on the E-Class or other AMG V6s like the AMG GT 4-door) isn’t part of the game here, but it doesn’t seem like the calling of the profession. Model. .Superior sport, Mercedes’ new creation is nonetheless a great GT whose cruise on board is also part of the game. We would have preferred a bit softer damping and a slightly less brutal transmission in Comfort mode. Travel is not penalized. The real benefit of cutting-edge tech content, an impressive high-end Burmester sound system and the infinite power that lies beneath your right foot. Obviously a lot of know-how charged at a high price and this SL63 AMG starts at over 190,000 euros excluding the 40,000 euro penalty excluding options. But we’re actually dealing with exceptional vintages, and talking about big bucks would be almost vulgar. This new Mercedes SL has no difficulty overtaking its predecessors. It retains all the charm of the AMG version with a bigger and more unique cruise engine that is much sexier to look and to experience. Novelty is aggravated and controlled sports behavior. Great demonstration of know-how charged at a (very) high price. Vibrant engine, impressive dynamic behavior, technical interior Decent size, crazy price, perfect comfort Latest MERCEDES tests MERCEDES SL 63 AMG MERCEDES SL500 (R231) MERCEDES SL Class All MERCEDES tests Owner comments Comments
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