Five off-duty police officers killed in shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper speaks at a briefing with city officials in Raleigh late Thursday. Photo: Raleigh City Government/Facebook A teenage suspect alleged by police in the shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina, which killed five people, including an off-duty officer, has been admitted to hospital in critical condition, officials said Friday morning. UPDATE: Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman filed a complaint against the suspect on Axios Friday, but her office is looking to transfer the case to Superior Court, where the teenager will be tried as an adult. However, Freeman’s office is closely monitoring the situation. “A 15-year-old white male suspect” has been detained and is in critical condition, police chief Estella Patterson said at a press conference. Police did not name the suspects, but identified four out of five victims. Susan Karnatsu, 49; Mary Marshall, 35; Raleigh Police Gabriel Torres, 29; A 16-year-old white male police officer injured in the shooting was treated and discharged. Another injured person is hospitalized in critical condition, police said. More: Raleigh Police Department Lieutenant Jason Borneo said in a late briefing on Thursday that the unnamed juvenile suspect had been taken into custody. He was detained at 9:37 p.m. and there was no further threat to the community, Borneo said police officers who responded to the shooting near a public greenway were transported along with other victims to a local hospital. The officer has been released, but the other victim remains in critical condition. Driving the News: Just before 6pm, a Raleigh Police Department officer tweeted that officers were responding to a shooting in the neighborhood of Neuse River Greenway, a popular bicycle. Raleigh Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin said at a briefing Thursday evening that at least two people, including an on-call officer, had been taken to a local hospital. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives in Charlotte have been identified as one of several law enforcement agencies responding to the shooting. What They Say: President Joe Biden said in a statement on Friday that “there have been so many mass shootings across the United States,” he said. “We grieved and prayed with so many families who had to bear the horrific burden of this mass shooting. So many families have taken away spouses, parents and children forever.” Biden also praised first responders in his statement. Adds his administration and the governor of North Carolina. Roy Cooper will work with local authorities to investigate the shooting. “Terrorism is at our doorstep tonight,” Cooper said at a briefing on Thursday evening. “The nightmare of every community has come to Raleigh.” We all have many questions, but as we seek answers to those questions, these victims and their families, the communities that have been impacted by this incident and we are all dependent on each other and helping each other in these difficult times,” Cooper said. The Big Picture: The shooting in Raleigh on Thursday was the deadliest in North Carolina this year, according to the Gun Violence Archives: A large-scale shooting in the U.S. this year in which at least four gunshot victims were killed or injured was taken by a nonprofit organization. Editor’s note: This article has been updated entirely with new details.
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