Fired Twitter Employee Shouts About Company’s “Red Wedding”

“Twitter is… It became a reality and it was fun. But the ending wasn’t really fun. He was one of about 3,700 of the company’s roughly 7,500 or so employees laid off by new owner Elon Musk this week. Others have provided references to popular culture. “Has the red wedding started?” According to the New York Times, an employee wrote to Slack just minutes before the company sent out an email announcing layoffs. All employees reported different languages ​​in the notices they sent. Some samples: “We know this will affect many individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but unfortunately this action is necessary to ensure the success of the company.” “…I would like to inform you that your role on Twitter has been identified as potentially affected or at risk of duplication.” “During this period, you will be notified of no work and access to the Twitter system will be disabled.” Many leaving employees were notified by email. Or, as one person put it, “I received an official (and very inhumane) dismissal email.” Another employee simply assumed that they were blocked from the system and that the service was no longer needed. “Looks like I’m unemployed. I remotely logged out of my work laptop and removed it from Slack.” Twitter also locked all employees in their offices, whether they were fired or not. One notice reads: “To ensure the safety of each employee and the Twitter system and customer data, our offices will be temporarily closed and access to all badges will be suspended.” Employees in New York, California and the company’s Dublin, Ireland hub were affected. According to former member Joan Deitchman, the seemingly important Ethics, Transparency and Responsibility team has lost about 20 people the entire workforce. “Yes, the team is gone,” she wrote last night. “The team that researched and promoted algorithm transparency and algorithm selection. A team working on algorithm amplification. A team that invents and builds ethical AI tools and methodologies. It’s all gone.” Others fired were the company’s global head of social and editorial and his team of 17 people, Twitter’s global head of culture and community, and head of content for creators in the United States. Additional departments impacted include Community, Learning Design, Entertainment Partnerships, Engineering, iOS Development, Global Wellness and Global Communications. See employee announcements and comments below. 🫡 Yes, the team is gone. A team that researched and promoted algorithmic transparency and algorithmic choice. A team working on algorithm amplification. A team that invents and builds ethical AI tools and methodologies. It’s all gone.— Joan Deitchman (@JoanDeitchman) November 4, 2022 Guys, I think I lost my job. I logged out remotely from my work laptop and uninstalled it from Slack. #One team forever. I loved you all so much. So sad that it had to end like this 💔— Simon Balmain  (@SBkcrn) November 4, 2022 Well. I can’t log in to my email. Mac won’t turn on. But I appreciate the fact that this is happening at 3am. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the timing front people. Meanwhile to everyone else on Twitter you are the best ❤️ #OneTeam— Chris Younie (@ChrisYounie) November 4, 2022 Well, our entire team is blocked. Officially ex Tweep. It was a rough journey 🫡💙 #OneTeam— neeks (@neeks_cap) Official attendance on November 4, 2022. I absolutely enjoy my time and can do me every day at work. Our team was fantastic and we appreciate it. It was a pleasure to work with you #LoveWhereYouWorked #OneTeam 🫡— Dr. Yvette Thomas (@TechD0C) Ex-colleagues /laptops as low as Yvette Thomas (@TechD0C) found out that she was fired after being logged out of Slack on November 4, 2022— Reesha Bonet 🌳🧘🏽‍♀️🌳 (@Reesha) 11, 2022 4th of May Huh I just lost access to all my Twitter logins. dev at Twitter check out D1011300 Arrived today and finished the debugging aid tool. Got it done quickly this week for iOS developers. <3 last little gift <3oneteam— JohannMG (@Johann_MG) I received an email on November 4, 2022… I still have work, but I don't know what to say last night when I saw a lot of hardworking, talented and caring people getting logged out one by one. — eli schutze🫡 (@elibelly) November 4, 2022 Well Twitter… not. But the ending wasn't really fun. My career, my personality, my aspirations were forever changed by this amazing place and more importantly the people. Goodbye, Tweets!🫡#OneTeam #LoveWhereYouWorked— Joey (@jowehh) November 4, 2022 Well, it's a reality. ✌🏼An official (and very inhumane) dismissal email has been received. 🫡💙 The most amazing work with the amazing #OneTeam might not be the best yet, but I'm absolutely hungry right now. 🥺 😔#LoveWhereYouWorked #LoveWhoYouWorkedWith — Lauren Pinnella Traylor (@laur_tray) November 4, 2022
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