Kylie Jenner made ‘unbelievably bad smoke’ on a $72 million private jet after being branded a ‘climate criminal’.

Kylie Jenner has been criticized by Los Angeles residents for her $72 million private jet. Residents of the San Fernando Valley have complained about the “incredibly bad” smoke emitted by the reality TV star’s lavish plane. Instagram/@kyliejenner Angelinos criticized Kylie Jenner’s $72 million private jet for ‘incredibly bad acting’.[/caption]
HULU she bought a luxury plane in 2020[/caption]
Kylie’s jets take off from Van Nuys Airport, an airport that only serves private jets. Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, her sister Kim Kardashian and her baby dad Travis Scott also use this runway for her private jets. According to the Los Angeles Times, nearby residents were fed up with the constant roar of jet engines and the smell of jet fuel. A resident named Sue Steinberg told her publication: “The smoke is incredibly bad. IN THE BAG Kardashian fans persuaded Kylie to reveal her son’s name after discovering her new ‘clue’ ‘YOU PAID IT!’ Kylie mocked her for claiming to be “naturally” beautiful in her new video. Her longtime resident wasn’t a problem until recently, she insisted. Last July, 26-year-old Kylie faced her backlash after showing off her $72 million private jet and flying for 17 minutes in her cabin. She was accused of showing off her own wealth after posting photos of herself and her rapper and her boyfriend Travis, 31, in front of her private jet and her Mercedes Maybach last month. Kylie Cosmetics founder Kylie Cosmetics captioned her Instagram post, “Do you want mine or yours?” Her fans expressed their outrage by criticizing the star for showing off her own wealth through her comments. One netizen joked, “This post called me poor.” “Global warming, anyone?” Another joke. A fourth critical comment is:[Whose] Airplanes must pollute the planet [with] Today?” Things got worse when it was revealed that Kylie had been on a 17-minute flight. ‘CLIMATE CRIMINAL’ Kylie took a private flight from Camarillo, CA to Van Nuys, CA. About 40 by car It’s miles away and has an estimated travel time of 45. According to a @Celebjets Twitter account, Kylie used a $72.8 million Global Express jet instead, cutting 45 minutes of jogging to 17. Fans are a blatant waste of fuel and resources. and one reviewer accused the Los Angeles native of being a “climate criminal.” The reality star bought a Global Express private jet before COVID. The JETSET LIFESTYLE pink jet features an arcade, master suite and huge wardrobe. Her older sister, Kim, owns an 18-seater, $150 million private jet, named Kim Air, which she painted the custom plane in gray to match her Calabasas mansion and extensive luxury car collection. She also completely customized the interior to her monochrome taste, upholstered entirely in cream-colored cashmere and leather seats.She bought the plane new, took a year to build, and is ready for a vacation trip, TMZ reports. Read more about the American sun IS IT OK? Ex-Pete Davidson of Kim Kardashian ‘collapsed on the set of a TV show’ Kim lost millions of dollars to buy the plane, but maintaining the G650ER will also cost a lot of money TMZ reported that Kim would have to spend an additional $400,000 on fuel and an additional $100,000 on maintenance for every 200 hours of flight per year. Instagram Kylie and Travis Scott showed off their private jets earlier this year. has been criticized for[/caption]
Hulu faces backlash over 17-minute flight on 25-year-old airliner[/caption]
Instagram Her sister Kim owns a $150 million private jet taking off from the same runway as Kylie.[/caption]

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