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After the transfer in August, the new Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart am Pragsattel officially opened on September 29, 2022. This is the second location in Germany where the “Destination Porsche” retail concept is implemented. When you discover this new Porsche Center, you cannot miss the old center opposite the Porsche Museum. At the Porsche Center Stuttgart am Pragsattel, customers can experience the Porsche brand and various products in an indoor and outdoor exhibition space of approximately 1,500 square meters. The Porsche Center is primarily designed according to the “Destination Porsche” retail concept, transforming a product-focused showroom into a space for the brand experience. Thanks to numerous digital applications, brands can also experience interactively. In 2020, the concept was implemented in a new building for the first time in Dortmund. “With the new Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart am Pragsattel we have created another building block of the entire Porsche experience in this area. The Porsche Center at the brand’s headquarters is another asset to the ever-growing Porsche sales environment. In addition to the plant in Zuffenhausen and the Porsche Experience Center in Hockenheimring, the Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart am Plazatel is a new attraction for customers and visitors to the area and offers a comprehensive brand experience. said Alexander Pollich, CEO of Porsche Deutschland GmbH. Flexible showrooms and workshops “Destination Porsche” create customer-related brand experiences that emphasize communication and interaction. The current models are displayed along the ‘Racing Line’, a vehicle line that runs through the showroom and shines brightly through the windows on the ceiling. Located in the center of the showroom, “Porsche Platz” is a lounge and meeting place for customers and visitors. The flexible modules “Highlight”, “E-Performance” and “Approved” are part of the exhibition area and can be flexibly changed according to your needs. A dedicated consultation lounge with model names (Taycan, Panamera, …) serves as a resting place for individual consultations about the desired vehicle. Products under the brands Porsche Lifestyle and Porsche Design are available in dedicated stores. The workshop in the basement occupies an area of ​​3,500 sqm and thanks to large glass windows you can see the 27 lifting platforms on the Heilbronner Straße. Also in its new location, the Porsche Center Stuttgart is a competence center for the repair of super sports cars such as the Carrera GT or the 918 Spyder (there were various models when we visited on 1 October 2022). Sustainability plays a central role. During the construction of the Porsche Center, special attention was paid to sustainability. The building is based on the current specifications of the German Sustainable Building Commission (DGNB – Deutschen Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen) and is certified gold. When using building materials, project managers took care to use as low and pollution-free materials as possible. A solar system with a maximum output of 86 kilowatts is installed on the roof of the Porsche Center, which is used to generate all the company’s electricity. In connection with the further expansion of E-Mobility, four charging stations (2 DC chargers for fast charging and 2 AC chargers) have been installed in front of the new Porsche Center Stuttgart. More than 30 additional charging stations are installed in the underground car park. Moving from Porscheplatz to Pragsatel The decision to manufacture the Porsche Taycan on a traditional site in Zuffenhausen is very important for Porsche and for the region. This constitutes a clear commitment to the “Made in Zuffenhausen” sports car, while at the same time securing jobs in a wider area. In order to provide space for production at the existing site, the Porsche Center secured a space at Porscheplatz. “With this Porsche Center, we are proud to be able to shape the future development of the Porsche dealership organization and to be able to actively contribute to providing our customers with a modern and impressive atmosphere. We are delighted to have one of the most exposed locations in Stuttgart, the gateway to the northern city. Together with the nearby Porsche Design Tower, which will open next year, the plazatel is creating a formative look for the Porsche brand. Ralph Müller, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Porsche Center Stuttgart, said: Porsche Design Tower Stuttgart In the future, the Porsche Design Tower will operate on a site of approximately 1,450 square meters adjacent to the Porsche Center. Construction is proceeding as scheduled. The impressive building facade has been installed and the interior design follows perfectly. With the new Porsche Zentrum, architectural highlights are created at Pragsatel with a clear and pure design philosophy. The Porsche Design Tower Stuttgart was realized by Bülow AG as a project developer and investor in collaboration with the Porsche Lifestyle Group. It will be one of Stuttgart’s tallest buildings and will house the exclusive 4-star Radisson Blu hotel, which includes a restaurant and bar open to the public. The building will also house a high-quality conference center and spacious offices, which will be occupied in particular by Porsche Consulting. Porsche Deutschland GmbH, the project customer, Volkswagen Immobilien Blue GmbH & Co. Together with KG, they built a new Porsche Center at the Stuttgart Plaza. The Porsche Stuttgart GmbH branch is the tenant of the building. Photo: / Porsche
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