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The star brand is preparing to launch several new models next year. Let’s take a look at the novelty of Mercedes in 2023! Like its rivals, Mercedes continues its electric offensive with models ranging from Mercedes-Benz, AMG and even Maybach. The new 2023 model of the star brand will be presented at the Mondial de l’Auto 2022 in Paris from 17 to 23 October. Here are the major new Mercedes models that should land in 2023. Mercedes E-Class: A new generation is coming The E-Class is one of Mercedes’ must-have models and has been available in various body styles since 1993. The latest generation, the fifth generation, was released in 2016 and has been restyled for 2020. It’s about to move on to the all-new 6th gen and should be on sale at Sedan and Estate starting in 2023. A clean line of the brand’s latest offerings, we should find a more modest engine under the hood. Shutting down the 6 and 8 cylinders, the future Mercedes E-Class should only have 4 electric cylinders to reduce CO2 emissions. With the latest version of the MBUX system and the most refined comfort, the interior will take pride in its technological prowess. Mercedes made an appointment on October 16th for the presentation of the EQE SUV derived from the zero-emission sedan of the same name. — AutoJournalMag (@AutoJournalMag) 17 August 2022 Mercedes CLE Coupé: Heir to the CLK Summer 2023, Mercedes will launch the CLE Coupé. This is a new name that should replace Classe at the same time. E Coupe and C Class Coupe, the process of simplifying the range. Like the Mercedes E-Class of the future, it should adopt a sleek and sporty design as well as an electrified four-cylinder engine. Mercedes Vision AVTR… made of wood!• Mercedes Motorhome at the 2022 Düsseldorf Motor Show Mercedes EQE SUV: electric GLE The Mercedes EQ range will be expanded next year with the launch of Mercedes GLE’s 100% electric vehicle, the EQE SUV. This SUV offers at least two power levels and two battery capacities for autonomy over 600 km. It will adopt the forward-looking style of the EQ range, with an interior reminiscent of the EQS. It comes with the latest generation MBUX system as well as an optional “Hyperscreen” dashboard. At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf this year, Mercedes will present the new T-Class transformed into a van equipped with this Marco Polo version. — AutoPlus (@AutoPlusMag) August 26, 2022 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV: a luxury SUV The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, which was announced as a concept car of the same name in 2021, will be produced in the following series . It adopts the futuristic style of the EQ range while adding some unique elements of Maybach, including excessive chrome and very impressive rims. The interior is inspired by the S-Class Maybach, with independent seating in the rear and front MBUX Hyperscreen systems and three infotainment screens. Under the hood, the electric motor offers different power levels and a range of about 600 km.
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