Biden cited possible criminal charges against Hunter Biden and said he was ‘proud’ about fighting drug addiction | CNN Politics

CNN — President Joe Biden first mentioned the possibility of a son’s criminal prosecution for lying on a gun purchase application on Tuesday, but in an interview with Jake he said he was proud Hunter Biden had fought drug addiction. Tapper aired on “CNN Tonight”. Hunter Biden bought the gun at a time when he admitted he was struggling with drug addiction. This is an issue currently under federal criminal investigation. reported CNN reported that federal prosecutors are examining allegations of tax violations and misrepresentations related to gun purchases. President Biden said in an interview with Tapper on Tuesday that he was “proud” of Hunter Biden’s honesty about his fight against drug addiction. “This child is not a child, he is an adult. He was addicted to drugs, as many families have been through. He overcame it. He’s cared for a new life,” Biden said. “I am convinced that what he says and does is consistent with what is happening,” the president said. “For example, he wrote a book about his problem and was honest about it. I am proud of him.” The case against Hunter Biden was closed earlier this year and was a matter discussed earlier this summer between FBI and IRS investigators, the Delaware Attorney General and the Justice Department, CNN previously reported. The discussion included questions about whether further work was needed before assessing the strength of the case and determining the charges. Prosecutors and investigators have argued they have enough evidence to raise the charges, but the decision on the charges rests with Delaware Attorney David Weiss, expected to come after the midterm elections. Hunter Biden’s lawyers did not immediately comment. In a CNN interview on Tuesday, the president defended his son. “About guns – I didn’t know anything about it. But you can tell what happened when he applied to buy the gun. You may have been asked You may have been asked Are you on drugs or are you using drugs?’ He said no. And he wrote about saying ‘no’ in his book,” Biden said. So he said, “I have a lot of confidence in my son. I love him and he’s straight and narrow. , he is now several years old. And I am so proud of him.” The White House has consistently declined to comment on the Hunter Biden investigation as a matter for the Justice Department. But Republicans and conservative media have focused on the issue, which could be the subject of congressional scrutiny if Republicans take control of Congress after this year’s midterm elections. Biden told Tapper that now his focus is on the November congressional primaries. However, he said he would enter the decision-making process for his political future after his election. “I am not going to do this for my decisions. I’m going to do this for this non-year election. “It will be in the process of making a decision after it ends in November,” Biden said. Biden, who turns 80 on November 20, has consistently defeated his questions about his own age, suggesting that his performance as president speaks for itself. He said he would run for re-election. However, he noted that he respects fate and offered to discuss the matter with his family and make a decision early next year. A majority of Democrats in the poll said they do not want Biden to run for re-election in 2024. A CNN poll in July found that Democrats and 75% of Democrat-leading voters wanted their party to nominate someone else, a sharp increase from early 2024. year . Of those, 17% said they wanted another candidate because of Biden’s age. “They are worried about what I can do. look what i did Nominate me as president in recent history, where I have done as much as I did in the first two years. No joke. You may not like what I do, but most Americans like what I do,” he said. “The question is, can you work? And I believe I can work. I could work,” he said. When asked if one of the calculations when Tapper decides whether to be re-elected is “Do you think the only person who can beat Donald Trump is you,” Biden answered succinctly. ‘ he said.

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