GOP activists and candidates set the stage to claim they lost the election.

The most recent example is Trump’s attorney Christina Bob, who said in a recent interview that if the state doesn’t decide on a result by Election Night or early Wednesday, she “will look very suspicious.” But GOP party activists across the country are encouraging voters to wait until Election Day to vote in person or vote by mail. Arizona has perhaps the largest and most competitive race lineup in the United States, including contests for the Senate, Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General. In Maricopa County, where the majority of the state vote is concentrated, Superintendent Bill Gates has stressed that the results may not be available until Friday. That’s because hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots are expected to arrive at Dropbox on Election Day. It’s a long process that requires signatures to be verified, and legally doesn’t start until Wednesday. If many people fail to vote early, long lines will form, further straining the voting center and the counting teams. Gates, a former election lawyer for the Arizona Republican Party, led the “misinformation” at a press conference in Phoenix the day before the election. Although not named, Gates cited Hamedh, Bobb, and others as the most problematic message types. Gates said this misinformation campaign “started in high gear” last week. At the same time, GOP activist groups and even candidates are directing voters to vote in a way that can lead to long lines and delays in processing. Republican nominee for Secretary of State and staunch election denier Mark Finchem is one of those who encourage voters to appear on Election Day. Guidance for GOP voters reflects what Trump did in 2020. At the time, Democrats were expected to cast a majority vote by mail due to concerns about the epidemic. Trump has launched a campaign to legalize the mail-in geek, even tried to stop it from being counted, launched a flood of unfounded legal issues, and started drafting executive orders for 16 voting machines for the military. In an interview with POLITICO, Gates said he was afraid of being repeated after Election Day. If the Republicans win, Gates said, “You can say, ‘We beat the morale,'” as governor candidate Kari Lake did in the primary. He said, “If you lose, you can say, ‘Oh, look at these terrible things that happened on Election Day.’ I think maybe it is,” Gates said. David Becker, managing director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research, said: “If you’re planning to complain about how long it takes to count the ballots, you’re already doing it, but it’s making it harder to count the votes faster. . , “I wonder if this is intentional.” The Center is a non-profit organization that works with election administration. To show just how concerned Democrats are about Republican “no voters” sweeping over the state’s chief executive position, former President Barack Obama warned that democracy “may not survive” at a rally this week on Nov. It was. The push for a last-minute vote appears to be based on a conspiracy theory that Democrats can rig the voting machine. Republican Wendy Rogers, who supported a partisan review of State Senator Maricopa County’s 2020 ballot, told One America News Network viewers last month: “We have to vote on the last day of Election Day, so we don’t know how they vote. There is a lot to deceive.” Gates stressed that all voting machines must pass a test before the election, and that a number of “statistically significant batches” must be done by nonpartisan groups. Meanwhile, Finchem suggested that he would not accept his race results if he lost and would demand a recount. At the press conference, Gates was asked if any Republican nominee for governor, senator, secretary of state, or attorney general over the past two years had accepted a permanent invitation to tour the voting center in light of concerns. “Not one of them,” Gates said. Demand to vote only on Election Day is rampant. Trump’s aide and former German ambassador, Richard Grenell, tweeted last week that “a state that doesn’t count all the votes and announce the winner on Tuesday night is incompetent.” Maryland Matters reported that a close aide to Republican Attorney General candidate Michael Peroutka arrived two hours before the deadline to vote on Election Day, encouraging voters to “line in”. Campaign Coordinator Macky Stafford said, “Vote as late as possible on November 8th. “It would be really helpful if everyone could stand in a long line at 6 o’clock.” “Voting in person on Election Day is the only way to overwhelm the system,” the Associated Press reported in a recent online flyer from a grassroots group in Georgia. Recently, some Republican candidates have opposed the directive. “I think if there is a mail-receiving geek, it should be mailed. I want people to vote,” Lake told reporters this month. “And vote what you want to vote. But vote.”
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