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The winners and losers of the Pittsburgh Steelers will win 20-18 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon. Winner Larry Ogunjobi – In addition to missing most of the Bills’ games due to a back injury, Ogunjobi has been strong and has found stability in his last few weeks as a Steeler. He continues to be at the backfield today and has been a force to be reckoned with on Tom Brady. His hump moves are uncommon, but effective, shooting the gap and holding upfield well. Cam Heyward – Heyward played his domination play as usual today. That’s not to say he wasn’t bad last month, but his pass rush production plummeted. Heyward’s bull rush against the rookie left guard won the 1v1 matchup and he routinely broke his pockets. Very important about Tom Brady. He finished the day with two QB hits after scoring zero in weeks 2-5. James Pierre – Pittsburgh’s assistant team had to go one step further to win this match today. And for the most part, they were firm. Pierre was the most impressive. Struggling to find a role after his league debut, he was competitive and combative on the catch point, breaking the ball and playing with the ball in possession. Red Zone Defense – Bend, but don’t break. That was the Steelers motto today. Tampa Bay started 0-3 in the red zone, and Pittsburgh won with a possessive down. Bucks finished 1-4 days. This is one of the biggest keys and stories in the game today. This player was injured and counted out (myself included) and left a great defense and a terrific achievement for the defense. Myles Jack/Terrell Edmunds – Two defenders who played solid. Jack had an important tip pass that negated potential Cameron Brate TD and made a key third down tackle in the second half. Edmunds’ comeback was necessary with too many defensive starters. He wasn’t flashy and never was, but his run defense and his ability to fill and tackle were solid against the run-heavy Bucks’ team. Steven Sims – The Sims brought the big play skills desperately needed today with an 89-yard return, and missed a few players with a 24-yard punt return later in the third quarter. Splash still needs this team with an attack that is still struggling a lot. Although he didn’t like running backwards, the Sims still played well. He must lock the return point. Wide Receiver on the 3rd Down – After struggling with a possessive down from last Sunday’s overwhelming defeat, today’s players are up. It wasn’t perfect, but Pittsburgh still need to get better in third overall, but Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson and George Pickens all played to get the stick moving. Claypool performed particularly well in the second half with three long conversions in the 3s and 15s and 3s and 16s and 3s and 11s. Claypool was an incredibly clutch today and was a big winner. It is recommended to view. Mitch Trubiski – You have to give him enough balls. Trubiski stepped out for the shocked Kenny Pickett. He led the attack, pushed the ball downfield, and performed great at third and long. That’s why Mike Tomlin didn’t ask after sitting him on the bench. He was still one snap away from the big need and came on a big Sunday. Loser Kevin Dotson – Tough for Dotson who was a real machine today. Two first half penalties, bad starts at 3 and 6 in the red zone and later flagged with hold. He was also late on the field for Chris Boswell’s 55-yard field goal and caused the Steelers to waste a timeout. Dotson was marked with a holding that voided Kenny Pickett’s long run of WR Diontae Johnson, leaving Pickett injured. Dotson was banged around the edge in the very next snap. It is no exaggeration to say that it was the worst game of his career. Offensive Offensive – A similar story to last week. Thanks to a good opening script, Pittsburgh finally found an end zone in the opening possession after week 10 of last year. But from there it was bullshit. An average of less than 2 yards per play for the other half. After Steven Sims’ return from 89 yards, he settled for a field goal. Tons of missed opportunities. Tempo was a positive development using it at key moments like Connor Heyward’s 45-yard gain, but the offense continues to struggle across the board. Special Teams Sloppiness – Two offsides in field goal attempts. Until two disastrous kicks hit Pittsburgh well on the Sims’ long runback, the Steelers try to build a façade for the Sims to pass through. The aforementioned timeout was necessary to get the right number of people for Boswell’s long field goal. Pittsburgh has two long comebacks and I certainly don’t ignore them, but there’s a lot to clear up. There are a lot of annoying things that are hurting this team. Players have to do their own thing, but his responsibilities are also on Danny Smith. Robert Spillane – Still trying to figure out what Robert Spillane’s role is. No answer yet. He’s not a good linebacker, doesn’t play that much on scoring, and was jukeed by powerback Leonard Fournette in his TD late in the fourth quarter. He played a lot in the 3-line backer package, but he is Anthony Chickillo. Quality Special Team, Camp Star does not translate.
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