Los Angeles County Labor Federation Chairman Resigns Over City Council racist remarks scandal | CNN

CNN — A trade union president has resigned after participating in a conversation leaked by Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez making racist comments about a fellow member and his black children, according to the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, according to the Los Angeles County Labor Federation. . Los Angeles County Labor Federation president Ron Herrera resigned at a meeting on Monday, the union said in a statement that it had urged elected officials present when the racist remarks were made. “Racism in any form has no place in the Labor Party,” union executive chairman Thom Davis said in a statement. “It is unconscionable for those elected to fight for our communities of color to engage in the disgusting, despicable anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Asian, anti-Oaxaca remarks that oppose our working community. Neither our organization nor the people we represent will tolerate these feelings.” The Los Angeles Times reported that the leaked audio details a conversation between Martinez, city councilors Gil Cedillo, Kevin de León, and Herrera, which focused on a map proposed by the city’s redistricting committee and the city’s dissatisfaction with it. Martinez took a day off from her city council meeting on Tuesday, a day after she resigned as chairman of her city council. “This has been one of the toughest times of my life and I know this was entirely my own creation,” she said in a statement. She said, “This is the moment when you should take a break and have honest, heartfelt conversations with your family, voters, and community leaders. My apologies to the residents of Council District 6, my colleagues, and the residents of the City of Los Angeles.” Martinez heard racist comments about councilor Mike Bonin about a white man and his black children in the leaked audio. The city council is scheduled to hold a regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Herrera did not respond to CNN’s request for comment, but the AFL-CIO Los Angeles County Federation of Labor apologized on Twitter. “The vile remarks made in that room have no justification or excuse. period,” he apologized. “And I have not stopped them and will have to bear the burden of that cross moving forward.” “Equality and justice for all, regardless of race or color, is at the heart of the labor movement and an activity of the Los Angeles County Labor Federation,” the union said in a statement. As we move forward, the Los Angeles County Labor Federation, on behalf of more than 300 affiliates and more than 800,000 workers, remains united in the fight to end racism through our solidarity and commitment to protecting the rights of workers. .” The leaked audio was posted anonymously on Reddit and obtained from Times. When talking about rezoning maps, city councilors discussed the need to “ensure that most Latinos do not lose their economic assets” in a once-in-a-decade process. Then the councilors discussed Bonin. In a leaked audio clip posted by The Times, Martinez recounts the conversation and says “Bonin thinks he’s a fucking black guy.” According to The Times, Martinez said Bonin was Martin Luther King Jr. He appeared on a palanquin with his son at the Day Parade and said he “treated his young black son like an accessory.” According to his father’s Facebook post, the boy is 8 years old. The Times reported that Martinez said “Parece changuito” or “He’s like a monkey” about Bonin’s child. Martinez apologized for the remarks in a statement on Monday. “I take responsibility for what I say and there is no excuse for what I say.” According to her statement, Martinez’s resignation as chairman took effect immediately, but she remains a member of the council.

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