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CNN — A man accused of attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi has been charged with assault and attempted kidnapping after breaking into his San Francisco home last week, the Justice Department said Monday. The 42-year-old David DePape has been charged with “attempted kidnapping a U.S. official,” the Northern District of California Attorney’s Office said. The allegations relate to Nancy Pelosi, which Deepaf told police he would “take hostage”, according to an FBI affidavit released on Monday. Attempted kidnapping is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. CNN reported that DePape exclaimed, “Where’s Nancy?” After breaking into their house. DePape was also charged with assaulting an immediate family member of a U.S. official in retaliation against the U.S. official. The charge relates to a crime committed against Paul Pelosi and carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Federal claims for DePape are in addition to state claims that may be released on Monday. According to two police sources and sources familiar with the matter, CNN reported earlier Monday that Paul Pelosi interviewed investigators at the hospital this weekend and was able to provide details about the attack. Among those interviewed were the FBI and local law enforcement officers. Court documents related to federal charges against DePape reveal the most detailed account of Paul Pelosi’s 911 call while the case is ongoing. “Pelosi made a statement to the effect that there was a man in the house and that man would be waiting for Pelosi’s wife. Pelosi went further and said he didn’t know who the man was. The man said his name was David,” the FBI agent said in an unsealed affidavit on Monday. According to an unsealed affidavit on Monday, Paul Pelosi called 911 on Friday at 2:23 a.m. PT and police arrived at his home eight minutes later. Hear more about Paul Pelosi’s coded 911 call that led to his rescue. “When the door opened, Pelosi and DePape were holding a hammer in one hand and DePape was holding Pelosi’s forearm in the other,” the affidavit said. “Pelosi greeted the officers. The officers asked them what was going on. DePape replied that everything was fine. The officers asked Pelosi and DePape to drop the hammer.” At that moment, DePape pulled out his hammer and swung it and struck Paul Pelosi in the head, the affidavit said after the blow “appeared unconscious on the ground.” (Paul Pelosi) was later taken to hospital where he underwent “successful surgery to repair a fractured skull and severe injuries to his right arm and hand.” They said they expect a full recovery from Paul Pelosi. CNN previously reported that Pelosi maintains a connection with 911. and was able to hear the conversation behind the scenes and reported that Pelosi was speaking in code to help authorities understand what was happening. An FBI agent said in an affidavit that “DePape arrived at Pelosi’s home in the early morning of October 28, 2022.” He was ready to detain and injure Chairman Pelosi when he came in.” “DePape had a zip tie, tape, rope and at least one hammer that morning.” DePape had yet to appear in court in connection with the attack. According to a criminal complaint filed in court, DePape confessed in an interview with local police that he would find a congressman and take him hostage, an FBI affidavit: “DePape said he would take Nancy hostage and speak with her. If Nancy tells DePape the ‘truth’ he will let her go and if she ‘lye’ he will break the ‘knee.’” The FBI affidavit said: ‘Where is Nancy?’: The perpetrator is Pelosi’s husband According to the affidavit, DePape told police that Nancy Pelosi was the “leader of the crowd” promoted by the Democratic Party. Other lawmakers told police they would know there were consequences for their actions: court documents show that the day of the attack on Friday, San Francisco The interview was conducted at the Scott Police Station. According to the documents, DePape had read Miranda rights before speaking with police and confessed to her intention to kidnap a Democrat Congressman. An unsealed federal indictment on Monday also exposed a conspiracy theory behind the Pelosi attack that was previously shared on Twitter by billionaire owner Elon Musk. Conspiracy theories claimed, among other things, that Paul Pelosi knew his attackers. Musk tweeted a link to an article promoting the theory on Sunday, but later deleted it. According to an unsealed FBI affidavit along with federal indictments on Monday, Pelosi called 911 and said he did not know who the man broke into his home. Galloway explains how the attack on Paul Pelosi complicated Musk’s vision for Twitter. In addition, the affidavit said that San Francisco police interviewed Pelosi in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, and that “he had never seen (David) DePape.” Earlier on Monday, San Francisco Police Commissioner William Scott said in an interview with CNN’s Ana Cabrera that Paul Pelosi did not know of a suspect. The police chief said the wave of conspiracy over the case was “groundless” and “damaging” the ongoing investigation. This story has been updated with further development.

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