Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accuses establishment of conspiracy to kill him | CNN

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan CNN — Tensions have risen in Pakistan on Friday when former Prime Minister Imran Khan denounced established figures for a plot to kill him, but government and security officials have vehemently denied the allegations. A day after surviving a shooting at a political rally outside the town of Gujranwala in Punjab, Khan gave a loud speech at a hospital in Lahore, where he was recovering from injuries. The cricket star-turned-politician sits in a wheelchair, citing three dignitaries behind the attack. Dr Faisal Sultan told reporters that the former Pakistani leader had fractured his right leg from a stray gunshot. The Sultan showed X-rays showing a fracture of Khan’s right leg and bullet fragments lodged in both sides of his thigh. Without presenting evidence, Khan denounced Prime Minister Shabaj Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and a senior intelligence officer, Major General Faisal. CNN is contacting the three men for comment. In a statement that PTI’s senior leader Asad Umar recently announced that he had spoken to Khan, Khan first claimed on Thursday that the trio was responsible for the conspiracy. In a speech broadcast on Thursday, Sanaullah rejected the “serious” accusations. The Pakistani military’s media on Friday denounced Khan’s allegations as “baseless and irresponsible” and threatened legal action. “No one is allowed to disparage an institution or a soldier without being punished,” he said. In light of this, the Pakistani government has been asked to investigate the matter and take legal action against defamation and false allegations against the institution and its officials without any evidence,” said ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations). . Pakistani intelligence also refuted Khan’s allegations that a senior intelligence official was behind the shooting, and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) told CNN in a statement that the accusations were “groundless.” “This is an attempt to sabotage the investigation from the start. The organization has already sensitized the federal government to the threat to the former prime minister who has informed the local government of Punjab of this,” the statement said. ISI also said that Khan’s security is under the authority of the Punjab provincial government, led by Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in Khan. “The shooting is a security negligence on behalf of the government of Punjab and cannot be blamed on any individual or security agency. “The need for time is not for irresponsible remarks, but for national stability,” ISI said in a statement. Khan said he was aware of a conspiracy to kill him the day before the incident, and claimed that two shooters were involved in his attack. “There was an explosion on one side and an explosion on the other. There were two,” Khan said while talking about the attack. Khan has been at odds with the government since his dramatic ouster in a vote of no confidence in April. During that time, he repeatedly claimed without any evidence that the United States was behind the loss of power. Thursday’s attack killed one, injured several, and sparked protests among Khan supporters. The alleged attack video shows Khan waving his hand from an open-roofed truck. Asad Umar, senior leader of Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), later added that the bullet had hit him in the leg. I was also shot in the thigh.” Police said a man accused of shooting at a rally was detained on Thursday. On Thursday, Pakistani intelligence released a video of an anonymous man’s confession to the attack. He urged protests against three officials who claim to have planned the attack by the time he resigned, Khan said on Friday: “Unless these three resign, you have to protest the injustice and do jihad. Jihad It means fighting injustice.” Khan said he would resume the so-called Long Walk to Islamabad, which calls for early elections, as soon as he recovers from the shooting. He started in Lahore on October 28 and winds through several cities in Pakistan. It was the seventh day of a twisty national tour that was due to wrap up in Islamabad, one of several rallies since the ex-Pakistan cricket captain was ousted in April. Pakistani politicians were attacked on Thursday. This is not the first time: former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27, 2007, and former Prime Minister Yousaf Raja Gilani survived an assassination attempt in 2008.

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