Thirty Years Already: The Spooky Mega Track

On a kart…the ORNI (Unidentified Rolling Object) drew attention at the 1992 Paris Motor Show with its 4×4 V12 coupe. It is a stately vehicle, measuring 5m long and 2.20m wide, with huge 20-inch wheels mounted on bridge height. These tires are custom made by Michelin. Yes, anything resembling a current large SUV was strange at the time, and even more so when you look at the manufacturer’s name. In the MEGA 80s, the company AIXAM (for Aix-les-Bains and cars) successfully grew in the unlicensed karting market and became the European leader in its segment, but George Blain’s company wants to go further and diversify into conventional thermal vehicles. . Based on the Citroën AX, Mega Ranch and Club began with the ambition to become the modern day “Mehari” and the new star of the summer destination. But we see something much bigger and very big with the ultrasport and premium segments where Aixam is looking to make a name for itself by revolutionizing the supercar genre. Developed since 1990, this vehicle created a sensation with its cross between an all-terrain vehicle with huge wheels and a sporty coupe profile. The Mega invented the sport SUV before its time, but back then, only Lamborghini was a real geek who ventured out with the massive LM2002. The avant-garde monster Mega Trek is aptly named. In addition to its impressive size, it is powered by a 60° V12 engine positioned in a central rear position, a Mercedes-Benz block also found in the S-Class model S600, providing an output of 395 hp. all-wheel drive. Although it is a German engine (which will later be acquired by Pagani Zonda), it is the first time since the pre-war period that a French car dares to install such a prestigious engine with the Delage V12! The fuel tank capacity of 110 liters matches the consumption – from 20 liters on the road to 50 liters off-road! The height is increased by 34 cm thanks to the controlled adjustable suspension that allows you to modify the car’s ground clearance and thus covers off-road courses in addition to road and circuit. can explore. In terms of performance, the Mega Track can reach 250 km/h and cover 1000m from a standing start in 28 seconds. Its great performance makes it a remarkable performer for a French car that can go very fast both on the circuit and on the track. Mega simply built a Ferrari out of sand! Mission Impossible, just a project would be a catastrophic failure. Aixam Mega does not have the industrial capacity to mass-produce such a vehicle, but above all, the Mega Track, which is so ahead of its time, requires 3500 hours of assembly work, so it is very expensive and is listed at 1.9 million francs. A higher price than offered by a Ferrari or Lamborghini of unequal pedigree! Consumption is huge for very artisanal manufacture with development that is not yet optimal and finish standards quite different from what is expected at such a price. . Image deficits are also important. Mega is an offshoot of unlicensed cart manufacturer Aixam and faces a prestigious sentence. The final production of the Dakar in the 90s and early 2000s remains a mystery, but we are talking about 5 or 6 models. Anyway, 30 years later, it hasn’t aged in the slightest and the lines still look amazing.
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