South Korea scrambles jets as Kim Jong-un sends fighters near the border.

Seoul — South Korea launched a sortie overnight Thursday after North Korean fighter jets flew near the border between the two Koreas. The move, widely regarded as provocative by Pyongyang’s standards, comes with North Korea firing another ballistic missile on Friday morning, the most recent of several recent weapons tests by the Kim Jong-un regime. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the de facto maritime border between the two Koreas. A Pyongyang fighter was also detected more than 10 miles north of the land border. The incident occurred between late Thursday and early Friday and involved about 10 Pyongyang fighters. North Korea also sent fighter jets near South Korea last week, but a recent flight considered very unusual has veered closer to Seoul airspace. The South Korean military said, “There was an emergency sortie with superior air force, including the F-35A, but no collision was reported.” North-South peace efforts. [North] The General Staff of the Korean People’s Army said, “The Korean People’s Army sends a severe warning to the South Korean Army, which is promoting military tension at the forefront through reckless actions.” North Korea test-fired a nuclear-capable missile aimed at South Korea, the official said. The Ministry of National Defense said that it did not violate the 2018 military agreement, although it conducted artillery training in the southern region facing North Korea. Dr. Yang Wook, a military strategy expert at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, revealed the limitations of Pyongyang’s military, saying, “As a heroic leader, he cannot show off his achievements other than nuclear weapons.” He added that the fighter is “outdated” and suggests that taunts are “signs of despair.” North Korea says it sees recent military exercises by the United States, South Korea and Japan as a threat. Allies say training is inherently defensive. The Blue House promised to convene an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) on Friday and work with its allies to prepare for further North Korean provocations. North Korea has launched more than 40 missiles this year, and this week Chairman Kim pledged to oversee cruise missile tests and strengthen North Korea’s nuclear weapons program to defeat its enemies. According to state media, the North Korean leader said his nuclear weapons were fully prepared for a ‘real war’. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the measures target 15 North Korean individuals and 16 nuclear and missile development-related organizations, while the Japanese military targets the Japanese military. The missile flew about 435 miles and reached an altitude of about 31 miles, JCS said.
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