Venezuela Leaving Too Late: Immigrants Stuck by Sudden Biden Policy Change

This news could not have reached Remira Allahsa at a worse moment than this. After leaving her home in Venezuela last month, a full-time teacher, her husband and nephew decided to resettle in the United States and traveled thousands of miles to seven countries but were robbed. Some of the money she had saved in Guatemala, she soon found out that all this had been in vain. On October 12, the Biden administration announced it would deport Venezuelan migrants to Mexico under Title 42 of the previously ambiguous Public Health Act. The southern border is no longer able to join families while awaiting asylum proceedings in the United States, but in Mexico it is routinely debilitated as a target of rape, robbery and extortion. Title 42 for Venezuelans created a random block, leaving tens of thousands of people in an uncertain future. Alarsa is located in Tapachula, an migrant center on the Mexico-Guatemalan border where the Mexican government now handles refugees. Her length in Mexico is still ahead of her and she has at least two weeks and her destiny to reach the US border, so she has to decide whether to go back or move forward with her. . I’m not two weeks late and I try to keep telling myself that now is the perfect time. But at every stop a little bit of money is taken away from you. And now we’re going to have to pay a lot more.” Critics of Title 42 say this means that it means losing the right to seek asylum for vulnerable people who have few other options. “It’s embarrassing that they’re doing it, they’re expanding. We’ve almost lost the claim that this is a health measure. They’re using a backdoor way to end their asylum rights,” said Adam Isacson, Director of Defense Oversight Programs, Latin America Office, Washington DC. Since 2018, nearly 7 million Venezuelans have escaped economic collapse and political repression, most have settled elsewhere in South America, but this year has seen an unprecedented surge in migrants from North Korea. Although fewer than 100 Venezuelans were detained at the border, about 150,000 Venezuelans fled North Korea between November 2021 and September 2022. A Dangerous Journey Overland to the U.S. “If they deport me to Mexico “If you do, I will stay here and work. I will work wherever they allow. Financially, every option is better than going back to Venezuela. I was making $20 a month in Caracas!” Alcides Granado, who was resting from the harsh sun in a baggy hat in Tapachula’s central square, said yet another shock to those still heading north came a notice from the Mexican government as soon as the deported Venezuelans arrived last week. , demanded that they leave the country within exactly 15 days via the southern border with Guatemala Photo: AFP/Getty Images Many people now in Tapachula fear that they will be forced to return to the city in a matter of weeks. No one has plans to return to Venezuela the way they came. Travelers are there through the treacherous jungle of the Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama. Dangerous jungle terrain, flash floods and predatory gangs must be negotiated.” If you gave me a million dollars right now, I still wouldn’t go back to Darien,” said Remira’s husband, Ramon Iplan. From America to Mexico, and possibly from Mexico, the United States has everything but what it can bear. There is nowhere to sell and return to their homeland. Travel with siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and even grandparents. Hundreds of Venezuelans gather in Tapachula Central Square to find a reasonable solution. They marched to drag, but received little support for his idea: others were already raising money to pay for coyotes that traffic people across borders for up to $10,000 passengers, a move that would be very risky. In July, 50 immigrants from Central America and Mexico were killed by overheating trucks after they were dumped on the roadside by smugglers in Texas. [Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador] Now we have a huge, huge new consumer base,” Isaacson said. “There is not a single border city that is not yet overflowing with refuge. More people on the streets, more people will be abducted, and those who enter the United States and avoid arrest will lead very precarious lives.”
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