F1 - Le patron de Mercedes salue une FIA "solide" face à Red Bull

Mercedes Boss welcomes ‘solid’ FIA against Red Bull

Mercedes manager Toto Wolff is pleased to see the FIA ​​severely sanction the Red Bull team for exceeding their budget caps in Formula 1 by “minor” over the 2021 season. The FIA ​​agreed to the ABA in Mexico this Friday, as the Bull team was found violating in Mexico for a minor budget cap violation in the Red 2021. This means that Milton Keynes clothing agrees to be sanctioned. Red Bull was selected for a “minor” overshoot of less than 5%, and therefore an ABA was proposed by the board. The Austrian team has accepted this offer and will also accept the following related sanctions: A mild sports penalty in the form of a restriction on the RBR’s ability to perform aerodynamic tests for 12 months from the date of ABA execution by applying a 10% reduction for the factor C used to calculate the limited individual tests; Dynamic Limits (RCFD) applied to each team as defined in Article 6 of Appendix 7 of the FIA ​​​Sports Rules for Formula 1). For example, if the coefficient C based on the championship position in RBR is 70%, then the new valid value of C is: CNEW=70% x (1-0.10) = 63.0% RBR supports costs incurred in cost cap management. The Cost Capping Administration’s decision to enter into an ABA with respect to the preparation of the ABA constitutes a final decision resolving this issue and is not subject to a ‘convertion’. Failure of Red Bull to comply with the terms of the ABA will result in an additional breach of procedure pursuant to Articles 6.30 and 8.2(f) of the Financial Rules and will be referred to the Cost Limits Arbitration Board. In Mexico on Friday night, Mercedes president Toto Wolff said he was pleased to see the penalty imposed to set a precedent after Red Bull was convicted of overspending in 13 areas. “The most important thing to me is that there is strong governance,” he said. They went through the process without blinking an eye. That’s what happened,” Wolff told Sky Sports’ microphone in Mexico this Friday. “I know how strict they have been with us. It’s been a tough process all year and when you see 13 wrong positions. [dans le cas de Red Bull], we did not. It’s good to see that there are penalties that you think are either too low or too high. Red Bull manager Christian Horner thinks the punishment for his team is too great, but Toto Wolff has suggested that the punishment may not be strong enough for him, but all of this has affected Red’s reputation. It was pointed out that it was contaminated. “What we can see is that in addition to sports sanctions and fines, there are also attacks on reputation. In terms of compliance, no matter what your team is, you have a responsibility to represent your brand, your employees, and your partners, and that’s why it’s not profitable for us. [de se retrouver dans la situation de Red Bull].” “Reducing blower time affects performance. we were lucky to win [constructeurs en 2021]so in 18 months we were 7% less than Red Bull in a year and a half.” “Overall, everything adds up. If you look at Ferrari now, it was in 6th place a year ago and is doing a lot more than the rest of the time. Now We unfortunately finished 3rd, 14% more than the lead, and got an extra 10%. [la sanction de Red Bull] It’s a lot, but we’ll have to see how we use it.”
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