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Alexandria, Va. CNN – A federal judge on Friday dropped one of five charges against Igor Danchenko, the main source of Trump-Russian documents that are hampering special counsel John Durham’s investigation. The judge dismissed one of five charges against Danchenko. In particular, it has to do with allegations that he lied about talking to the FBI with a Democrat agent about anti-Trump documents. District Judge Anthony Trenga said in court on Friday that Danchenko’s answer to the FBI interviewer was “literally true” and that Durham’s case on that particular charge was too weak to be sent to a jury. This is an important victory for Danchenko, who in 2017 claimed to have told the truth to FBI agents who were trying to corroborate the documents. The ruling was a blow to Durham, who had personally handled much of the debate and interrogation of witnesses. trial. He personally urged Trenga to plead guilty on Friday before the judge’s verdict. Danchenko is still facing four additional charges of lying to the FBI, which is a felony. The rest of the numbers relate to false statements about whether Danchenko received a phone call from a Belarusian-American businessman who had contact with people in Donald Trump’s orbit in July 2016. The trial continues on Monday with closing statements and jury deliberation. The Trump-era ruler, Durham, was eavesdropped in 2019 by then Attorney General Bill Barr to “investigate” and investigate government misconduct in the Trump-Russian investigation. But in more than three years, Durham received only one criminal conviction, pleading guilty to a lower-level FBI attorney who had been sentenced to probation. Durham’s only other charges were against campaign attorney Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was acquitted by a jury in May of lying to a senior FBI official at a meeting that Trump might have ties to Russia. Durham didn’t deliver anything similar to the Watergate-class bomb that Trump repeatedly talked about. And CNN previously reported that the special prosecutor’s investigation is being finalized and the Danchenko case is expected to be the final trial in Durham. The charges dropped relate to whether Danchenko lied about discussing certain papers with Charles Dolan, a public relations officer with expertise in Russian affairs and decades of political ties with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Although not a senior Democrat in recent years, Dolan previously held positions in Bill Clinton’s campaign and volunteered for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The largely discredited documents contain explosive allegations that Trump conspired with Russia. But it also featured a relatively mundane item about the infamous infighting with the tumultuous Trump campaign. And when Durham prosecuted Danchenko last year, the indictment revealed that the gossip item came from Dolan. According to the email, Dolan attributed where Danchenko got the gossip to “Trump’s close friend” – a “Republican friend” – which was actually circulated through media clippings. Dolan tested on Thursday that he had lied to Danchenko about his meeting with a “GOP friend” and actually sent Danchenko what he heard on cable news. In 2017, as the FBI was busy checking documents, an FBI agent asked Danchenko if he had ever “talked” with Dolan about “everything that appeared on the papers”. Danchenko alleges that Durham was a lie, which he claimed was the basis for the allegation of misrepresentation. A judge ruled on Friday that Danchenko was technically telling the truth. Evidence suggests that they only emailed about the document, but didn’t “talk” about it. In announcing the verdict, the judge said Durham’s team is trying to expand the definition of “sayed” to include more than it actually is, and that it would be inappropriate for a jury to use Durham’s interpretation of the law to convict Danchenko. . This is breaking news and will be updated.

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