Secret Service Documents Delivered to the Commission on Jan. 6 Show Law Enforcement Agency Discussed Capitol Threats | CNN Politics

CNN — The agency and its law-enforcement partners had previously released social media posts containing violent language and threats targeting lawmakers before the United States, according to documents provided to the House of Representatives Selection Committee investigating an uprising in the United States Secret Service on January 6, 2021. I knew. Attack on the Houses of Parliament. The documents, which were obtained exclusively by CNN, were handed over to the committee ahead of a hearing on Thursday, re-lighting discussions between law enforcement officials ahead of the attack. The documents also show that the Secret Service took into account assessments from partner agencies, including the FBI and Capitol Police, when determining its security posture ahead of the January 6 ballot certification. Despite the violent online investigations shared in this document, none of the agencies have issued clear warnings about the possibility of massive violence like the one that took place in the Capitol that day, despite sharing information. “At this time, no immediate threat is being tracked,” read a summary of an FBI intelligence assessment related to the January 6th that was shared with the Secret Service. But the Secret Service has been warned about social media posts from sites like Parler, the then-popular far-right platform. “I will fight for Trump no matter what,” read a post in the Secret Service. Another said, “I meant taking power from corruption.” This document does not address other concerns raised by the Commission this week. The Secret Service Witness told the panel that “on January 6, we were not informed of any violence that could potentially threaten persons of protection, including victims. The President.” “The evidence strongly suggests that this testimony is not credible,” the Democrat said. California’s Adam Schiff said at a hearing on Thursday. After the hearings, Schiff told CNN that the committee “will bring people back from the Secret Service. Some people may have tested this document in an unreliable way now that we have it, but there are other potential witnesses we haven’t heard of.” Security Agency spokeswoman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement to CNN that the service “engaged in strong intelligence sharing” with law enforcement partners “before and during January 6”. “Information has been received and transmitted by several federal state and local agencies. Modified examples of these communications mentioned at the committee hearing on Thursday are included and show communications from multiple agencies,” he said. “The Secret Service’s specific missions were carried out without compromise, but the unprecedented events of the day continue to be evaluated to ensure that an attack on our democracy does not occur again,” Guglielmi said. “Not only is this most important to our government agencies, it speaks to the existence and purpose of the United States Secret Service.” Guglielmi also told CNN that the Secret Service had “never received any word from the commission that the employee’s testimony was inconsistent.” The House Selection Committee declined to comment when questioned about the document. Thursday’s hearing was the first since July 21. In the nearly three months following the hearing, the Commission obtained more than one million records from the Secret Service. The panel revealed some of what it learned at Thursday’s hearing. Although there are still questions about the erased text messages from secret service agents in connection with the uprising, the panel has obtained messages and emails showing that the agency had been warned of possible violence before January 6, 2021, as well as real-time reports of weapons. received. Crowd ahead of Trump’s speech at Ellipse. Schiff said at a hearing on Thursday that the Secret Service had received an online threat warning against then-Vice President Mike Pence ahead of the Capitol uprising. ‘” According to the committee, around 12:36 p.m. on January 6, a secret service agent said, “There are too many weapons discovered so far. I wonder how little is known about it. It can be sporty when it gets dark.” A few minutes later another agent said, “No doubt, the guys at Ellipse said they’re moving to the Capitol after the POTUS speech.”
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