Erdogan: 6 killed in Istanbul shopping street ‘attack’

Comments on the Story ISTANBUL — At least six people were killed and dozens injured in an explosion on one of Turkey’s busiest shopping streets on Sunday afternoon, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the blast a “treacherous attack” . Explosions on Istiklal Avenue, a wide, historic pedestrian-only street in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district. A small fireball is seen with tourists and shoppers screaming and running away in terror. November 13 explosions in Istanbul. At least six people were killed and dozens injured. (Video: The Washington Post) At least 81 people were injured in the attack. Before leaving Turkey to attend the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, Prime Minister Erdogan told reporters: “If I say this is terrorism, I may be wrong, but according to the initial situation and information from our governor, the smell of fear is threatening us. It has been delivered.” He added that there were “early” reports of a role played by women who escaped from the scene: In the past decade, Turkey has been a frequent target of attacks, particularly by Islamic State extremist groups and Kurdish militants. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said in a message on Twitter that the explosion occurred shortly after 4 p.m. local time, attracting millions of visitors who ventured to Istanbul as epidemic fears over travel began to receive subsidies. In an area famous for tourist attractions and shops, the sound has been heard for miles Multiple bodies lie on the ground in Istanbul’s Istiklal district near Taksim Square An ambulance rushes through the scene amidst crowds of tourists shortly after the explosion Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu took her composure via social media and urged people to help on-site authorities: Bench Istiklal for 40 or 45 minutes. “After she woke up There has been an explosion. All data about this woman is being investigated. Her name is not yet clear,” the network quoted him, quoting him. Istiklal Avenue, sometimes called Istanbul’s Champs Elysees, is It was the site of a suicide bombing in March 2016 that killed five people, including two Americans, and injured dozens. Every day the streets are filled with Turkish citizens and tourists from different countries. , a kind of bread ring coated with mussels, shimites and sesame seeds. Musicians perform along the boulevard to attract audiences. Crowds in the evenings and weekends. As condolences poured in from world leaders late on Sunday, Turkish officials began to identify the victims, Turkish Minister of Family and Social Welfare Teriya Yanik tweeted in a message posted on Twitter: “Our colleague” Yusuf Meidan and his daughter Ekrin. Box. It also responded by banning the sharing of information about the explosion, separate from the statements made by the authorities. Another agency that regulates Internet communications is implementing “bandwidth reduction” on social media platforms to block messages that are “contrary to press ethics and terrorist content,” local media reported. Timsit reported in London.
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